Peninsula Peace & Justice minutes of Aug 1



Lorenzo led the meeting.  Also present were Judy, Peter, Bonnie, Carolyn, Ron and Steve


Our next upcoming film will be DOCTORS OF THE DARK SIDE, at 7.30 pm on Friday August 3 at the Blue Hill Library. Steve is introducing it and moderating discussion afterward.  Steve will email Faith d’Ambrose to see if she or Gigi Dejoy might want to write a story on the event.  Judy will make a pot of coffee.  We will sell three copies of the DVD to interested persons.


Kathy Kelly of Voices for Peace will be in Maine speaking at 6 appearances over a 5-day period, including Bangor on 8/21, Rockland on 8/23, Belfast on 8/24.


Emma’s Revolution will perform at College of the Atlantic, along with Bill McKibben speaking on global warming activism, on Sunday, 8/19. 


The field of flags needs more flags put into the ground.  Saturday at 8 am some of us plan to be there, doing what we can to fill in the gaps.  People are seen stopping to look at the field rather often.

The press release is out for the upcoming talk and slideshow on the PALESTINIAN STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS 
Three Maine residents who traveled to Palestine/Israel in May, 2012, will talk about the Palestinian struggle for human rights and the call for a boycott of Israeli goods. The slideshow and talk by Carolyn Coe, Robert Schaible, and Sally Bowden-Schaible will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday August 11, in the Howard Room of the BH Library


Maine Allcare and  Alliance for Democracy and Blue Hill Occupy are working to put on a Blue Hill panel discussion in September to promote a state plan for single-payor healthcare in Maine.  PPJ agreed to co-sponsoring this event. 

Battle of the film concepts: At September’s PPJ meeting, on Wednesday the 5th at 6:30 pm, everyone who comes is encouraged to bring two ideas for movies we might soon screen, and we will haggle over them. 


–minutes by Steve Benson


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