Peninsula P&J notes from January meeting

Peninsula Peace and Justice organizational meeting minutes

01 09 2013 6:30 pm in the Howard Room of the Blue Hill library

Tony, Bonnie, Rufus, Lorenzo, Dud, Peter, Judy, Steve

Tuesday January 22: An alliance has been forming to develop an initiative to create a constitutional amendment to overturn the personhood status of corporations on a state level.  Many towns have acted on this so far.  Brooklin will put it on a town warrant this spring.  Diane Russell, representative in the State House,  reportedly plans to present a resolution for consideration at the state level, possibly on January 22. Lobbying legislators may be part of the plan.  Details to come.  A bus will go from Bar Harbor with a stop in Ellsworth.  Carpooling from Blue Hill will include Bonnie’s vehicle. 

Rufus may develop some historical research on townships’ initiatives in creating resolutions that address larger national issues like this.

Bonnie remarks on the Move to Amend movement’s focus on the grassroots level organizing by township in order to develop consciousness, commitment, and pressure toward larger scale resolutions.

January 25 2013 in Howard Room:  We decided on screening Surviving Progress.  Information was presented in ways that were thought-provoking to those who had seen this.  Standing on Our Sisters’ Shoulders, Detropia, Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry, and 5 Broken Cameras were discussed as options for coming months.  Peter will preview Ai Wei Wei, Bonnie will screen Detropia, Steve will screen 5 Broken Cameras.  February is Black History month and March Women’s History Month.  Judy will create a press release for Surviving Progress.
Room Reservations for the Howard Room for the group have been secured for the first Wednesday of each month for our organizational meeting.
Alliance for Democracy is working on developing research and discussion toward economic system evaluation, re-visioning and reform.  The next meeting will open this discussion and screen a film that introduces the issue of towns’ involvement in this sort of planning. 
Today’s (01 09 2013) Bangor Daily News reports that Yarmouth’s lawmakers are proposing state-wide instant run-off electoral voting procedures.  Tony wrote an email to Ralph Chapman to encourage his sympathetic, pro-active response.  Portland has elected its mayor in this method.  Bonnie noted that Matt Dunlap, the new Secretary of State, is an expert and advocate on how this works and a very engaging, lively, humorous, clear speaker. 
Lorenzo reported that Occupy Blue Hill continues to meet Saturdays at the triangle with signs and can use additional presence.  Lorenzo offers CDs to loan from the Alternative Radio radio show, on Syria, African-Americans’ incarceration in America, the water crisis, and Islamophobia. 
Lorenzo expressed interest in developing consciousness and discussion around the development of Islamophobia in the United States culture, as it may be reflected in narrative fiction in novels and films, television, and other media representations.
Alliance for the Common Good:  At a state-wide meeting of progressives from around the state late in 2012, endorsement coalesced on a variety of issues concerning the economy and the state’s needs.  Jimmy Freeman spearheaded organization of a rally in front of the State House in Augusta of about a hundred persons yesterday with signs and banners, drums and chanting.  Signage was interesting and well-done.  Lots of people were unfamiliar to such rallies in Augusta.  Then inside the Hall of Flags speakers addressed concerns for the economic well-being of Mainers.  Packets were distributed for sharing with legislators. 
Rufus called our attention to an article he has just written on global warming for the Ellsworth American, to appear soon.  He also is interested in thoughtful readings and responses to another upcoming article regarding the controversies behind the attack on the Twin Towers on 09 11 2001. 

       Minutes prepared by Steve Benson


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