PenPeace meeting March 6: Carolyn Coe report on Jeju Island

The March meeting of Peninsula Peace & Justice (Wednesday, March 6, 6:30 pm) will feature Carolyn Coe’s report on her recent trip to Jeju Island, So. Korea. Carolyn spent 3 weeks in the village of Gangjeong, recording and taking part in the daily resistance of the people to the installation of a US-driven naval base being constructed on the island. The massive base threatens to destroy the culture, the environment, the livelihood of the area, and the peace and wellbeing of the population. The people of Gangjeong have been in resistance for over 4 years, with daily efforts of civil resistance, many arrests, beatings, hunger strikes, and yet they continue. Carolyn’s photographs tell a story that is being lived in small communities around the world, yet in Gangjeong village, the determination and love and commitment of the citizens is astonishing. The lessons of this struggle are critical for all of us to understand.

The meeting and presentation are in the Howard Room, Blue Hill Public Library. Everyone is invited to attend.


Fidel Castro, in his May Day speech in 2000, told the Cuban people that the ability of their nation to survive and maintain its revolutionary independence depended on being willing to fight and win a “Battle of Ideas.” Among other things he emphasized that “Revolution means… being treated and treating others like human beings.”

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