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Governor LePage just signed legislation to end same day voter registration. With the stroke of a pen, he ended a 38 year tradition of helping people to vote and participate in our democracy.

We’re not going to give up our voting rights without a fight. Today we marched right down to the Secretary of State with a group of Mainers who filed papers to begin a People’s Veto of this new law that makes it harder for people to vote. We can do this, but we can’t be successful without you.

We have less than three months to collect more than 57,000 signatures to place a People’s Veto on the ballot.

Will you help us protect the right to vote? Sign up now to be part of the grassroots campaign to save our voting rights. Someone from our campaign will be in touch with you soon.

If we don’t stop this law, thousands of Mainers will be turned away the next time they try to vote.

Please  sign up now to be part of this grassroots effort to overturn this assault on voting rights? Send the message that government is meant to serve the people, and not the other way around.

Thanks for all that you do,

Alysia, Bethany, Brianna, Edward, Jonathan, Shenna, Zach



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