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Be a part of the solution

#About us –  Every Saturday for the last couple of weeks some members of the Mount Dessert Island community has been coming together to discuss the problems that we face on the Island, in Maine and in the United States.

We are meeting again this Saturday at noon in the Village Green to continue this conversation together in the hope that we can be the change we want to see.[a]

#This Saturday will be more than just another meeting. We are going to have a rally around the Bar Harbor, lead by local musicians. Then we will have a potluck and an assembly to talk about taking action and creating solutions to the issues we face.

Bring your plate, food, music, a friend and your civil virtue to share!


#What are “the issues?” If you read or watch the news you know that we, the people, are no longer the concern of Wall Street or Congress. Rather than talking about  the issues affecting the 99% we have been arguing over deficits, austerity, gutting programs and increasing privatization — not about jobs,  the wars or building our economy or communities.

We are in this together.
The retired here need to be insured that they will have the future they they planned for.
Working individuals, families and students need to know that we’ve got each others’ backs — by supporting each other we can guarantee the tomorrow that we expect for ourselves and our children.

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