Public Education on marriage for gays and lesbians

If you want to be part of the Speakers Bureau….  and be part of changing minds and hearts on equal marriage by telling our stories….  you can get trained by attending the day long workshop below. 

Saturday,  Oct 15, 9 – 4 at the UU Church, 11 Bucksport Road , Ellsworth.
 The training is free.  A light lunch is provided.  The trainer will be Sue Estler.
All LGBT folks, and their straight allies, are invited (and encouraged) to attend.
The equal marriage refererndum  is on the horizon.  Now is the time for each of us to do what we can to make this happen.  I am incredibly shy and speaking in public is hard… but I do it… because the cause is important.  And it does change people.
Please email me at the address below to sign up.
Thanks so much…. Sharon Dean

Beth Allen
EQME Field Organizer

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