Raising Consciousness To Change Congress

Please relate the following suggestion below with the proposed plans of  the Change Congress 0rganization as described in the Joey Morin recent E-mail :

We walk the streets of Ellsworth and surrounding Area, content with the wonderful life available for our self and family, in the meantime, current events in our state, country, and global places reveal a world of  unfair and horrible conditions  that are addressed  primarily by internet communication only, not by well structured and democratic Meetings that would develop creative action for us to carry out the education of our fellow citizens to be receptive to the suggestions to change our election process and the social change that needs to be greatly addressed. With the exception of the Blue Hill Peace and Social Justice Group there is no group of people in Hancock or Washington Counties that focus on social change efforts via good Meeting processes. Meetings do not have to be time wasted, boring, non affirming,non productive, non democratic. There is a fact that we all should admit. With the exception of the seven year bridge vigil by the lonely flag bearer every Sunday , there has been no action to educate the public in our area . Mike Moore, Ralph Nadar, Progressive Pundits, have all suggested what we should be doing now to change what conditions now face us nationally and globally—Education, Education, Education via Action,Action, Action. I look forward to any Activist interested in exploring why the Internet isolates us from much needed social change action. Change Congress folks are heading us in the right direction. The responsibility for getting us to first base is to raise the consciousness of  people in our Area via Action developed by people in Meetings vice announcements over the Internet.—-Bill Conway

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