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David Smith from the Peace and Justice Group of Waldo County is encouraging group supporters to write letters regarding proposed rule changes for open pit mining in Maine. Also note that there is an effort to have many people attending a meeting of the Board of Environmental Protection on December 19 in Augusta. That hearing begins at 9 AM at Florian Hall, Maine Dept. of Public Safety, 45 Commerce Drive (off Civic Center Drive on Routes 8, 11, 27, NW of I-95) in Augusta. OK to bring signs:
   Open Pit Mining Rule Changes–Letter Writing Appeal

     If you have already gotten a message on this subject this will provide the email address to send your message and a little more helpful information. Please send this message out! 
    The Board of Environmental Protection is writing new watered down mining rules that will effect the entire state. The reason this is happening is because Irving Oil wants to mine Bald Mountain in Aroostook County. 
    Please write a letter to :
    Refer to:  Subchapter 1: General Provisions, Part B. Prohibition. “mining in or under the waters of the state” has been eliminated from the original mining law. Also, “mining in or under coastal wetlands” has been eliminated. This part of the revision of the law allows for water pollution at the mining site. 
    Also refer to: Section (D)(12) regarding wet management techniques. Wet management techniques is another way of allowing huge ponds of polluted water. The problem with open pit metallic mining is that it needs perpetual treatment. This section says, “Waste management plans shall not include “perpetual” treatment methodologies. 
    The BEP wants to allow water pollution at the mining site and it does not want open pit mining companies to be saddled with a long term clean up responsibility. This is unacceptable. Please express your concerns in regard to this issue. The closing date for comments is December 23. 
    To learn more about this issue go to this web site from the Natural Resources Council:
     The next meeting of the BEP will be December 19. Please save this date. We are planning to get as many folks as possible to the meeting. More information will be coming… 
          Peace and Solidarity,
          David Smith….. Waldo County Peace and Justice
          Call if you have questions:   322-3054

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