Revolutionary Doctors, special event

PUBLIC MEETING – Meet the author
Steve Brouwer talks about Cuba and Venezuela’s special approach to health care.  He’s visiting Maine to present his new book:
“Revolutionary Doctors”
Subtitled:  “How Venezuela and Cuba are changing the World’s Conception of Health Care.”
WHERE – Morrill Meeting Room, Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant Street, Brunswick.
WHEN:  7 P.M, Wednesday, April 11, 2012.
Brouwer’s book is the product of extensive, on-the-ground study of health care and medical education initiatives undertaken by Venezuela and Cuba.“Revolutionary Doctors” tells how it is that two countries of the Global South, each with revolutionary aspirations as to social justice, now offer effective, universal, and socially responsible health care. Their joint project, still unfolding, links preventative and curative care, medical education and health care delivery, and human resources of both countries – all on a vast scale.  
For Steve Brouwer, tens of thousands of Cuban doctors engaged in clinical work throughout the world and tens of thousands of the world’s young people studying medicine under Cuban auspices exemplify Cuban dedication to international solidarity. 
According to Steffie Woolhandler MD, co-founder of the US group Physicians for a National Health Program, “The Cuban medical educational model, so eloquently described in the this book, has not merely transformed health care in much of Central and South America. It has shown doctors and medical students who work in the unjust and dysfunctional U. S. health care system that another world is possible.” 
For more information, please call Tom Whitney, (207) 743-2183.
Steve Brouwer’s presentation is sponsored by Let Cuba Live of Maine and the Maine Peace Council.    

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