Senate votes TODAY funding WERU/MPBN

Dear WERU Volunteers :

Here are some talking points if you would like to email or call Senators Snowe and Collins about the need for continued funding for the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (to which we have applied for a grant that would help us acquire a much-needed replacement transmitter for our obsolete and rapidly aging model).

Senator _______:
Please do not support the elimination of the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program, or PTFP in H.J. Res 48. 
The elimination of funding for PTFP would have a dramatically negative effect on public broadcasting stations across the country that rely on PTFP matching funds to perform critical maintenance and upgrades to the public broadcasting system infrastructure. 
As a listener of WERU I strongly urge you to support the restoration of funding for PTFP, which was funded at $20 million in FY10. 
PTFP was created nearly 50 years ago and is the only source of ongoing infrastructure assistance for television and radio public broadcasting stations. 
PTFP remains the only source of federal funding for communities looking to establish or expand new public broadcasting stations and for stations with facilities that have been devastated by natural or man-made disasters. 
PTFP grants are competitive and require a local match, resulting in a very successful public- private partnership.
Elimination of PTFP would mean the loss of a potential $85,000 grant for WERU’s effort to acquire a much-needed replacement broadcast transmitter, which would be a tremendous blow to the Community Radio station. 
Thank you for your time and consideration and again, I strongly urge support for the restoration of the $20 million of funding for PTFP.

Matt Murphy
General Manager
WERU Community Radio 89.9 FM
P.O. Box 170 / 1186 Acadia Highway
East Orland, Maine 04431
(207) 469-6600 (office)

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  1. Dick Atlee says:

    The HJ Res 48 Matt mentions as being vital to WERU (and public broadcasting in general) has a section 248 which reads

    ‘Sec. 248. Notwithstanding section 101, amounts are provided for ‘Department of Commerce–National Telecommunications and Information Administration–Public Telecommunications Facilities, Planning and Construction’ at a rate for operations of ****** $0. ******** (emphasis added)

    I called Snowe’s office (202-224-5344) and asked about her support for public broadcasting and was told (after a check) that she DOES support it, so I pointed out the connection between that and this.

    Collins’ office (202-224-2523) said she had not made a statement on her feelings about public broadcasting, so I made sure they knew that Snowe had, and made sure the answerer got the details of HFRes48:248.

    Call ’em TODAY. Great way to start the day!

    Matthew Baya wrote, On 3/15/11 8:40 AM:

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