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From: Shenna Bellows <>
Subject: Campaign Update: New Web Ad!
Date: December 10, 2013 11:02:28 AM EST

First Web Video

Check out our first web ad!  The Maine-based firm, CD2, produced a beautiful first campaign ad featuring interviews with some of the people who know me well about my background and why we need change in Washington.  We launched the ad at 9 this morning, and it’s up on our website at:
Check out the ad, and forward to your friends!
Changing Hearts and Minds, One Voter At a Time
We’ve been doing house parties all across the state.  Last Friday, we were in the town of Orland.  The hostess invited a Republican friend, a man who entered the party telling me “I’m not going to vote for you.” He explained that he was the retired chair of the Hancock County Republicans.  After my talk, he wrote me a $5 check and wished me luck.  We are experiencing this sort of grassroots excitement about my message of advancing constitutional freedoms, economic opportunity and environmental protection all across the state.  

504 Towns Initiative
The first quarter is one of the most important fundraising quarters to send a message of strength to donors outside the state.  We have launched an initiative to secure donations from all 504 cities and towns in the state.  You can check out our progress at:
Already, we’ve secured donations from every town in Sagadahoc County and Cumberland County.  If you have friends in some of Maine’s most rural communities, send them a link to our website and encourage them to give!  If you have the time to join us in doing some grassroots fundraising, please and sign up to help.
Thanks for all that you do!
Take care,

Shenna Bellows
Democratic Candidate for United States Senate
PO Box 136
Manchester, ME 04351
(207) 776-5404 (cell)
@Bellows4Senate on Twitter

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