Stand in Ellsworth in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street-

If you can’t make it to Blue Hill on Saturday, try to get to Ellsworth on Sunday!

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Subject: Stand in Ellsworth in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street-
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Stand in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

An intrepid group of advocates for democracy occupying Wall Street has inspired people around the country to protest the take-over of our government by the multi-national corporations and Wall Street banks. 

Many of  us are excited about this spreading protest movement. If you are interested in more info,  for the present protests in DC,see   and for the protests which just started in DC  
I think the attached article by Chris Hedges,The Best Among Us, is very inspiring.  
Young people are courageously leading this movement and are now being joined by unions.
Aso see  a  new website about the movement spreading across the country. As of this morning, Democracy Now says 847 communities have planned events to support those in NY and DC.
If you are inclined to support these protests , come to the bridge in Ellsworth to show solidarity with Occupy Wall Street on Sunday, Oct. 9, from noon to one pm.  Bring a sign and a smile and we’ll send a message to New York and DC that we are also part of the 99% and we thank them for standing up for all of us. 

This action is co-sponsored by

Hancock County Towns in Transition
Alliance for Democracy Downeast. 
For further information call Bob Jones at 664-6190

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