Statement from Peace Action Maine re: Syria

That’s an excellent piece. Thank to Peace Action Maine for it. For some additional thoughts, you might be interested in a piece I wrote for the Mount Desert Islander, which I gather will be published in this week’s paper. I’ve put it up on the web to save email space and sent/called the link to Mike, Chellie, Angus, and Ms. Collins: FWIW Dick Larry Dansinger wrote, On 9/3/13 9:42 AM: > Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks. In case you > want to use this information in thinking about and/or acting on this > proposed USs military action. > > Larry Dansinger > (207) 525-7776 or> > > > From Seth Berner,> for > questions or comments: > > > Here is the official Peace Action Maine statement on Syria issued by the > Peace Action Maine Board. Feel free to circulate it exactly as written – > no changes in text without my permission first, please. > > Seth > > **************************************************************************************************************************** > > *September 2, 2013 > > *Peace Action Maine is shocked and saddened by the use of poison gas > against human beings. However, we are also shocked and saddened by the > air strikes the United States is proposing against Syria. We issue this > statement in response to both tragedies. > > 1. At the recent March on Washington, Jimmy Carter quoted Martin Luther > King, “The crucial question of our time is how to overcome oppression > and violence without resorting to oppression and violence.” The air > strikes which President Obama spoke about recently will only exacerbate > an already desperate situation for the Syrian people. We do not save > children who might be killed by others by dropping bombs and killing > them ourselves. We do not help a fragile population by destroying its > infrastructure. > > 2. We believe that the United States should not rush to judgment > against the Syrian government in relation to the reports of chemical > weapons attacks in August. We believe that the determination as to > whether the Syrian government is culpable should be made by an impartial > tribunal, not ceded to the United States unilaterally. > > 3. Our opposition to the United States judging Syria unilaterally is not > just theoretical. We need to question the motives of those in power for > going to war in Syria. What are the powers operating behind the scenes, > in view of recent revelations of secret government activities? Are we > just feeding a war economy, to keep a military engine running? > > 4. This is a moment that calls for aggressive diplomatic efforts, doing > everything possible to bring the Russians, the Iranians, the Turks, the > Chinese, and anyone else specifically concerned to the negotiation > table, and work out a peaceful solution to the violence in Syria. > > 5. Unilateral US action is to be avoided at all costs. If an impartial > tribunal determines that the Syrian government is culpable, then any > action taken against the Syrian regime should be done under the > authority of the United Nations or other appropriate international > coalition of states. Those responsible for any crimes against humanity > in Syria should not be subject to American vigilante justice but brought > to justice at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. It is > essential to follow due process of the law. That’s the only way to treat > countries or individuals fairly. > > 6. There are more than 7 million persons displaced from their homes in > Syria. Our first priority in spending US tax dollars on that country > should be for humanitarian aid to those who have already been victimized > by this war. > > We urge all Peace Action Maine members to immediately contact their > elected officials and the media to express these views, to try to > prevent the use of force and instead try to help those who need > humanitarian aid. _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list

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