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From: Russell Wray <7coast@roadrunner.com>


The U.S. Navy plans to conduct testing and training exercises using dangerous mid-frequency sonar and explosives along the Atlantic Coast — with devastating consequences for whales and other marine life. Tell your state officials to demand that the Navy put safeguards in place to protect marine mammals. 


Maine’s  Department of Marine Resources and the State Planning Office are currently reviewing the Navy’s Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing (AFTT) consistency determination for the State of Maine. The Navy is required to submit this consistency determination to Maine, and seek its concurrence, under the Coastal Zone Management Act. This federal law gives coastal states the authority to review certain federal activities that affect the coastal zone to ensure that these activities are consistent with the enforceable State policies that are part of the Maine Coastal Program. One of the core policies of the Maine Coastal Program is the Maine Endangered Species Act (MESA), which was designed to promote the recovery of listed  species. MESA lists a number of sea turtle and whale species that, by the Navy’s own admission, its activities will disrupt and injure, including the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. So, in fact, the Navy’s activities are in no way consistent with MESA and the Maine Coastal Program. The State of Maine must object to the Navy’s consistency determination! Please click on the link to NRDC’s website below to take action on this.


For more information, please contact: 

Russell Wray
Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats 


Russell Wray
Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats 
536 Point Road
Hancock, Maine 04640
phone and fax: 207-422-8273

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