The Audacity of Hope

The Audacity of Hope Link to current situation with flotilla to Gaza, including US boat and friends on board:

Here is our email to the Greek Embassy in US:
To the Greek Embassy in the US:

“It is unconscionable that your government would impede the work of people of peace and courage, doing work of good will for the people of Palestine.
The travelers on the ship Audacity of Hope represent millions worldwide who seek true peace and justice.
It is shameful that Greece would act in such a cowardly manner, to do the bidding of the US and Israel.

Let Our People Go. The world is indeed watching.

Judy and Peter Robbins
Sedgwick, Maine, USA”

Email addresses and phone #s to call are on the ustogaza site.
Thank you!

Who exactly would be setting sail on the ship to Gaza? Link to passengers on US Boat, Audacity of Hope:

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