"The Co-op Model" info and registration, Changing Maine gathering, Feb. 28 in Augusta

"The Co-op Model" info and registration, Changing Maine gathering, Feb. 28 in Augusta Hello,

Please pass this along to anyone in your group or area you think might be interested in attending. I hope you can come to this also. My apologies if you get this more than once.

Larry Dansinger

the CO-OP model:
transition to a democratic economy

Saturday, February 28, 2009

8:30 am to 4 pm
(snow date March 1, same time and place)

Pine Tree State Arboretum
153 Hospital Street, Augusta

$0-$20 sliding scale

15th Annual
Changing Maine gathering
sponsored by
ROSC and Cooperative Maine


Schedule of the Day’s Activities:

8:30-9 registration

9-9:30 introductions

9:30-11 meet the co-op members and hear their stories
Finance: Susan Hammond*Four Directions Development CU, Orono
Housing: Ari Rosenberg & Denise Dill *Faire Bande *Lewiston
Food Alison LePage *Portland Food Co-op Buying Club
Nancy Button *Maine Potter’s Market *Portland
Producer Glenn Libby *Port Clyde Fisherman’s Co-op

11-11:15 coffee & tea break

11:15-noon divide into groups and meet the people in your field–learn more about how to start, maintain, or expand a cooperative:
Finance Larry Dansinger (facilitator) + resource people
Housing Al Smith (facilitator) +  resource people
Food Davis Taylor (facilitator) + resource people
Worker Jonah Fertig (facilitator) + resource people
Producer Carly DelSignore (facilitator) + resource people

noon-1:30 lunch bring a dish to share & a place setting

1:30- 3:30 workshops discussions in the group areas (continued from late morning)

3:30-4 a cider moment coming together to share and network

Registration Form
Organization (if any)_____________________

___I willl send $0-20 for the day $_______ (send by mail to address below, sorry, no credit cards)
___Enclosed is a registration to hold a space (for payment, if any, on Feb. 28)
___I need a ride; contact me re: carpooling
___I can offer a ride; contact me
___I need childcare (please respond by Feb 23 )

Directions and handouts will be sent to pre-registrants. Registration at the door may be available as space permits (call first). The location and bathrooms are fully wheelchair accessible. For special needs/requests, please state below or on a separate sheet:

Return this portion of the form to:
Resources for Organizing & Social Change (ROSC), 161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951 or email to rosc@psouth.net

Questions? Call Larry Dansinger, 525-7776

Cooperative Maine: www.cooperativemaine.org

Why Spend a Day Learning How to Start and Promote Cooperatives?

³Let’s be utopian for a moment. Let us imagine a quick transition from the deeply irrational, ultimately unsustainable economic system we presently inhabit to a democratic…economy, one in which enterprises are run democratically, and economic stability no longer requires keeping our capitalists happy. Suppose we do get a financial meltdown on the scale of the Great Depression. And suppose we had a government newly elected, determined to effect this transition.³

The first thing would be to assure everyone, à la Franklin Roosevelt, that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. I mean, we are not talking about a meteor crashing into the earth, or an incurable plague, or a nuclear war. Pieces of paper have suddenly lost their value. Our resources are still intact. Our skill base is still intact. There’s no reason for ordinary people to lose their jobs or see their incomes plummet–no material reason, that is.³

What next?…let¹s democratize them.²

David Schweickart
Author of Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty and Our Democracy , September 24, 2008

"There Is No More Important Social Change Work You Can Do Than Cooperative Development."–Tim Huet–Cooperatives organizer.

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