The Corporation to be shown in Blue Hill

The documentary film The Corporation was described by a Harvard Business School professor as “a riveting, entertaining and highly intelligent film…about a long-neglected but vital question: the proper role of business in society.”  Since first appearing in 2004, it has won 26 awards, including the Insight Award for Excellence from the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artist, Best Documentary from The Genie Awards, and 10 audience favorite awards from international film festivals, including Sundance.  It is now more relevant than ever, as increasing numbers of people are questioning the conventional wisdom about corporations.  The film will be shown on Monday, April 30, in the Howard Room of the Blue Hill Library at 6:15.  Viewers may enjoy having soup at the Simmering Pot community supper at the Congregational Church, served from 2-6, and then come to the library for dessert and the film.  The event is hosted by the Alliance for Democracy Downeast, and is open to all.

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