The Kennedy assassination investigations and the 1967 smear campaign against the District Attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison.

A valuable historic document here in the video of Jim Garrison’s TV talk in 1967. Relevant today. — JR

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       The Kennedy assassination investigations and the 1967 smear campaign against the District Attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison. With a few comments by Jeff Evangelos, Kennedy historian and Independant candidate for the Maine House of Representatives – District 49

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 The 1963 coup still lies at the heart of our current Cuba policy and why it remains so important today.

Most people have forgotten this, but in 1967, the District Attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison, nearly broke the JFK case wide open. He had the evidence but the US Government, Justice Department, and other federal police and intelligence agencies refused to honor his subpoenas, effectively torpedoing his case. His case was based on evidence that the CIA and elements within the military had killed President Kennedy because they considered him a traitor for trying to make peace with Russia and Cuba and for trying to end the Vietnam War before it got started. Eisenhower had warned us of these dark (Unspeakable) forces in his farewell address. This is the same conclusion reached by James Douglass in his powerful and moving book, “JFK and the Unspeakable”, backed up by thousands of footnotes and recently declassified and released documents. In 1967, the media went into overdrive to defame Mr. Garrison in an effort to damage his credibility and ruin his case. In addition, one of the defendants, CIA agent David Ferrie, had been murdered just days after the indictments were handed down in February, 1967. In June of 1967, NBC ran a special primetime news program defaming Garrison with the intent of ruining his reputation and investigation. Garrison complained to the FCC, and because we still had the “Fairness Doctrine”, NBC was ordered to give Garrison “equal time”. They relented, and on July 15, 1967, this courageous man went on national television at 8pm and was given 30 minutes, uninterrupted, in which he outlined who killed President Kennedy and why. I have provided you with a link so you can watch this incredible but forgotten moment in our history when Garrison spoke to the nation on live television and in the first 4-7 minutes implicates the CIA. He has a lot to say about Cuba.

 This is must viewing, please distribute widely, it is as relevant to today as it was in 1967.

 Here’s the link:(()

 Watch the Garrison video, you won’t believe it, he told the country exactly what happened in 1967 on live television, I remember my parents and I watched it and he was a hero in our house.



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