The source of NRA intransigence, and Obama’s proposal

I sent the following message to Michaud (under the above subject line) and Pingree, via their website email-interface. I hope someone reads it and talks to them about it. Maybe it will be of some use to any of you who calls or writes in… ——————————————————————– A friend of mine, who was teaching Human Rights courses at the College of the Atlantic last year, told me of her experience taking some of her students to the final meeting on the Small Arms Treaty. The meeting was the culmination of 6 years of very careful work assembling a consensus, and was virtually guaranteed of success. But at the last minute, the United States refused to sign on, effectively scuttling it. There were NRA representatives at that meeting (she was sitting behind them) and they went up and conferred with the U.S. rep prior to the vote. She told me that the treaty dealt with INTER-national arms trade, not INTRA-national arms trade. The ostensible 2nd-amendment argument put up by the NRA would have been unaffected by the treaty. What WOULD have been affected was the international movement of arms and ammunition. The Africans (she’s African) were particularly concerned about ammunition — the slaughter in Africa would not be possible if the killers had guns but no ammo. And the only people interested in that movement of arms were the arms INDUSTRY, not American gun owners. She told me that the industry is the guiding hand behind the NRA, so that even if American gun owners turned in revulsion toward gun control, the NRA wouldn’t. That prediction appears to have come to pass with the recent events. And because of it, I hope you won’t confuse the NRA’s position with the beliefs of Maine sportsmen and women. The President’s recent proposal is not perfect, but it’s far better than anything that has come along in recent times. The one thing it is missing is a serious buy-back provision, of the sort that worked in Australia’s unbelievably successful gun control movement that occurred after a mass slaughter of tourists in a restaurant. The recent gun-buying frenzy in this country could ultimately be alleviated by a strong buy-back program, but we have to work with what we have. PLEASE support the President’s proposal, and oppose any inevitable more to impeach him over it. Thank you. _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list

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