Training for Change activist weekend workshop, May 11-12, Brunswick

A few people planning to attend this weekend have had to cancel recently. To make sure this workshop goes off as planned, it would be great to have a few more attend. Cost is sliding scale, so hopefully not too expensive for you. If you can or may be able to come, please click on the link at the bottom for more details. 

Larry Dansinger

Maine Veterans for Peace
To Sponsor Activist Training
A Non-Violent Training Worshop

Training for Change

Saturday, May 11, 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, May 12, 10 am – 2:30 pm
McClellan Multipurpose Room
Brunswick, Maine

How Can We Be More Effective?

On May 11 and 12 Maine Veterans for Peace is sponsoring an excitingTraining for Change workshop that represents an opportunity for all of us who wish to become more effective citizens. Training for Change was founded by renowned educator and author, George Lakey, whose books have included A Manual for Direct Action and Powerful Peacemaking: A Strategy for a Living Revolution.

TfC’s philosophy is based on a strict non-violent philosophy. The training will help groups stand up more effectively for justice, peace and the environment. Their literature emphasizes a “direct education” experiential learning approach.

The value of the training for each of us will be enriched by the opportunity to cross-fertilize with other activists engaged in various state-wide campaigns and by the participation of several state and national Veterans for Peace leaders.

The cost of the two-day training is $100 on a sliding scale and will include nutritious lunches each day. A maximum of 30 participants will be accepted.

Our trainer, Andrew Willis Garcés, has worked with activists and campaigns across a broad spectrum: anti-war, labor, immigrant rights, Latin-American solidarity, public housing. For a completeés

For additional information and registration procedures go to

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