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Ever wonder what the journalist that threw the shoe at Bush has been up to? After being jailed for a time, he got out and began organizing. Check out the comic book attached here with news of April 9 actions at 10 military bases in Iraq calling for: U.S. Out Now!

And get yourself to an action this weekend. Get on a bus to NYC with me, go to Bangor with Mark, rally in SF on the 10th with Janet — express your frustration with endless, costly, illegal and immoral occupations and air strikes on Iraq and other oil rich, strategically located nations.

info on actions for Mainers:

Dear Friends, 
A busload of Mainers will travel overnight to be at the rally in New York to End the Wars at Home and Abroad. In Bangor on Saturday morning, the Bangor Homeless Shelter is holding a walk to raise money for the shelter and its services. 

Our afternoon Rally to Bring Our War $$ Home will be in support of both of these actions. The homeless need shelter and services. It is important that the local community show support, but there won’t be the resources needed for decent housing and services to help the homeless become self-sufficient unless we Bring our War $$ Home. 

Join us to become part of a growing movement that will not allow politicians to continue policies of death and destruction that drain the resources needed in our communities.  

This Weekend Act in Solidarity with the People of Iraq, Afghanistan and Across the Middle East to End Wars and Occupations, to Bring Our Troops Home and To Rebuild A Fair Economy for All!

This is a big weekend for the anti-war and peace movements to support and stand in solidarity with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan facing the U.S. war machine. Since February 25th Iraqis have been organizing weekly Friday protests against government corruption and sectarianism, a lack of public services, and for the release of thousands of arbitrarily imprisoned Iraqi citizens. This Saturday, April 9th, the same day that people will be gathering in NY, eight Iraqi civil-society organizations are taking this a step further, and have planned to stage open-ended sit-ins in front of US military bases all over the country until ‘the occupier and its agents’ leave. They have called the 9th ‘The Day of Salvation.’ (Full report here.)

Rally and Walk to 
Bring Our War $$$ Home
In support of national demonstrations in New York and SanFrancisco

Saturday, April 9th 1:00 p.m.
Paul Bunyan Park, Bangor


Douglas Allen, Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
William Murphy, Bureau of Labor Education University of Maine
Maryalice Horrigan, Gold Star Mother
Dud Hendrick, Veterans for Peace Chapter 001
Mary Ellen Quinn, Pax Christi, Maine
Ryan Tipping-Spitz, Maine People’s Alliance
Representative of Greater Bangor NAACP
Representative of Dignity Campaign

Performances by
Tripeace with Judd Esty-Kendall and Larry and Leslie Latour
Voices for Peace 

Veterans for Peace will lead the 
Walk to Westmarket Square*
This is a one mile walk one way or two miles round trip. 
Those who wish may walk back to Paul Bunyan Park or visit the new Peace & Justice Center location at 96 Harlow Street (across from the Bangor Public Library) after the one mile walk.   There will be coffee and tea at  the Center. 

Sponsoring Organizations

Veterans for Peace Chapter 001; Veterans for Peace Chapter 003; Peace & Justice Group of Waldo County; Greater Bangor NAACP; Pax Christi, Maine;
Orono Peace Group; Peace & Justice Center of Northern Maine; Waterville Bridges for Peace; Peninsula Peace & Justice; Midcoast Peace & Justice; Alamoosook Progressive Alliance, Bucksport; H.O.M.E. Orland; PICA (Power in Community Alliances)
*Walk planned to Cascade Park has been changed to Westmarket Square so that more can  participate.

The National Priorities Project reports that the total debt of all 50 state governments is now $130 billion.  The U.S. will spend more than $170 billion on our wars in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Libya this year.  Maine’s share of war spending since 2001 has been $3.4 billion.  


“Governor LePage and President Obama have it all wrong.  Cutting taxes as a job creator is a known dead end street.  Studies show that jobs are best created by state investment in education and infrastructure. There won’t be much recovery for Maine or any other state though until we Bring Our War $$ Home. We need to stop endless war spending if we hope to continue to support social progress.  Interestingly, 65% of the people across the nation now favor withdrawal from Afghanistan, but it’s only going to happen if the public repeatedly demands it,” said Bruce Gagnon of Veterans for Peace.




Bangor – 
1:00 AM –  Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine – 96 Harlow St, across from city hall and across from Franklin Park, which is next to the Bangor Public Library.

Belfast – Reny’s parking lot just off the Belfast bypass,  where Routes 3 and 1 split off.

Rockland – 3:00 AM. The Rockland Middle School parking lot (behind the school)

From the North – you will drive all the way through Rockland on Union St, (which is a one way street for southbound through traffic) to the stop light where Union reintersects with Rt 1. Take a right and go to the next set of lights, this is Broadway. The Rockland Fire Dept is on the left. Take a left on Broadway. Go for 4/10 of a mile to the school which will be on your right.
From the South – Continue on Rt 1. You won’t go into downtown Rockland. Take a right at the lights at the intersection of Rt 1 and Broadway. You’ll see the First National Bank of Damariscotta on your right. The Rockland Fire Dept. will be just across the intersection on your right. Go for 4/10 of a mile to the school which will be on your right.

Nobleboro – The parking lot of the Miles Hospital Hospice Clinic at the flashing yellow light at the intersection of Rt 1 and Belvidere Rd.

Bath – 4:00 AM – The Park & Ride on State Street, just South of the Holiday Inn at the intersection of State and Richardson. Right next to VIP Auto Parts.

Portland – 4:45 AM – The Marginal Way Park and Ride.
From 295 take exit 7 (Franklin St.) to Marginal Way. Come off the exit and go left at the light onto Marginal Way and go about 1 block to the parking lot on the left.

Portsmouth, NH-  – 5:45 AM – The Bus Stop is located at a Park and Ride at Exit 3-A off of Route I-95 South in Portsmouth NH.

NYC – 11:00 AM – Union Sq. at 15th st. and Broadway . – Leave NYC at 5:00 PM from Church St. at Foley Sq.

BUS Drop Off is at Union Square – Broadway at 15th St.
BUS Parking and Pickup is 2 blocks from the ending rally at Foley Square along Church St, from Worth St. going north

United National
Antiwar Committee
UNACpeace@gmail.com or UNAC at P.O. Box 123, Delmar, NY 12054
<Please post widely>
In this email:
Overwhelming response
Logistics for New York rally
Peace Fair at Foley Square
Selection of speaker and entertainer highlights in NY

Speakers and entertainers in SF (April 10)
Pakistan to hold solidarity rallies in 6 major cities
Iraq April 9th protesters in several cities, protester plan to stay in the streets.
Overwhelming response.
The response has been overwhelming. This will be the largest Rally against endless wars and cutbacks in NYC in years.
It is coming on the day of a threatened Federal Government SHUT DOWN!
We are told that there is NO Money for peoples needs. There are billions of dollars in cuts of life sustaining programs planned. Will it be $40 Billion or $33 billion? But as we have seen just this month, while all of these cuts were being sliced and diced, there is always money for another war. This time without even a Congressional debate or vote, a new war in Libya!
Join us this Saturday to say: NO to war, racism, attacks on Muslims, immigrants and unions. We need money for jobs, education, healthcare, NOT War. Shut Down the War, Not our cities!
Logistics for New York Rally
Here is the Logistical Information for the mass rally of many thousands of people that is starting at Union Square at 14th St & Broadway at NOON.
There will be 2 Rallies, at Union Square and at Foley Square, each with a stage, speakers and music. There will be media check-in and packets for all media. We encourage all alternative media and video activists to be especially active in posting immediate coverage.
See UNACpeace.org for more information and to sign up to volunteer and to donate.
The UNAC Volunteer Table will be at Union Square South, 100 feet in from 14th St, in front of the George Washington on horseback statue. We NEED Volunteers starting at 9:00 am for bus greeting, literature distribution, guides, unloading, set-up and take-down crews, and clean-up crews after both rallies. Everything about this march has been based totally on our volunteer labor.
Rally at Union Square (14th and Broadway) NOON
The March leaves Union Square going south down the densely packed shopping street of Broadway at about 2:00 to 2:30 to Foley Square.
The March is 1.7 miles and takes 30 min to under 1 hour, depending on our pace.
There are several subway stops along Broadway and of course at Union Square for those for whom walking is difficult. To get to Foley Square take the subway to Brooklyn Bridge, or City Hall stop.
On the march, drums, cymbals, horns, whistles and our voices chanting are allowed.
In NYC amplified sound is permitted only at the rallies.
The End Rally and Peace Fair is at the Fountain at Foley Square until 6 pm.
REMEMBER !! Based on NYC regulations: NO wooden, bamboo, PVC or metal poles are permitted for signs and flags. Cardboard tubes, such as those used in fabric stores, are permitted. Police will confiscate poles made of other material. We welcome signs and banners. UNAC has made hundreds of signs that we will be distributing.
There are 6 scheduled PEACE TRAINS times of activists coming in on the Long Island RR lines to Penn Station and walking down to Union Square.
BUS Drop Off is at Union Square – Broadway at 15th St.
BUS Parking and Pickup is 2 blocks from the ending rally at Foley Square along Church St, from Worth St. going north
How to get to the UNION SQUARE, NYC RALLY:
From points north of New York City in New York and Connecticut, see the Metro North website: http://www.mta.info/mnr/
From New Jersey, use the Path Train: http://www.panynj.gov/path/
From points further afield, use Amtrak: http://www.amtrak.com
To Union Square:
From the Port Authority (New York’s major bus station):
Follow signs within the terminal for the Subway, then follow signs for the Q train. Take the Q train “Downtown/To Coney Island”. Get off at 14th St. – Union Square.
From Penn Station (New York’s Amtrak hub):
Follow signs within the terminal for the Subway, then follow signs for the 1 train. Take the 1 train from 34 Street – Penn Station heading “Uptown / to Van Cortlandt Park”. Get off at the first stop, 42nd St. – Times Square. Follow signs for the Q train heading “Downtown/ to Coney Island”. Get off at 14th St. – Union Square.
From Grand Central Station (New York’s major MetroNorth station):
Follow signs within the terminal for the Subway, then follow signs for the 4, 5, or 6 trains. Take any of those “Downtown/ to Crown Heights”. Get off at 14th St. – Union Square.
For more information, consult the web page of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Subway system: http://www.mta.info/nyct/subway/index.html
We are hearing from so many people coming into Union Square on Saturday, April 9 that we are behind on posting some of this information. Here is what we have heard about where contingents plan on gathering in the area around Union Square.
Brooklyn for Peace Contingent is gathering on Broadway between 13th & 14 St
A Woman’s Contingent is gathering in front of CitiBank on the SE corner of 14th & Broadway
A Student Contingent is gathering at Washington Square Park and marching up University to Union Square.
A Palestine Contingent is gathering on North side of 14th St between Broadway & 4th Ave at the Triangle.
A Greens Contingent is gathering in front of Babies R Us on Park Ave between 15th & 16th St.
A No Nukes Contingent is gathering at Union Square East on the Park side between 14th & 15th St
An Asian Contingent is gathering at Union Square on the South East corner of the Park by the stairs.
A Workers World Contingent is gathering by the subway kiosk on West side of Union Square Plaza at 14th St.
DRUM- Desis Rising Up & Moving, Veterans for Peace, and Latin America activists are gathering near the Ghandi Statue at Union Square West at 15th St
A Stop FBI/Grand Jury Repression Contingent is gathering in front of Staples on Union Square West between 14th & 15th St.
An ANSWER Contingent is gathering on Union Square West at 16th St.
An International Socialist Organization Contingent is gathering on SE corner of Union Square East & 14th St by the subway escalator.
An Educators Against War Contingent is gathering in front of Washington Irving High School at 15th & Irving.
An Irish Contingent is gathering at 18th St & Broadway
A Staten Island Contingent is gathering in front of Whole Foods on South side of 14th St between University & Broadway after coming in a group on a Peace Ferry from Staten Island.
Chelsea Neighbors United to End the War is meeting at 11:15 a.m. at the northwest corner of 8th Avenue and 24th Street to walk over to Union Square. Everyone from Chelsea is invited to walk over with us. For further information please call 212-726-1385.
Peace Action Contingent across from Whole Foods in Union Square starting at 11:30 am
A May 1st Union Square Contingent is gathering at 8th St & Broadway at 2pm and leafleting during the march.
Many groups are planning to meet up earlier on PEACE TRAINS – taking commuter trains into NYC at coordinated times.
In Jersey City, NJ Jersey City Peace Movement, VFP NJ and Anakbayan are gathering at the Journal Square Fountain for a 10:30 am Rally, then taking the PATH Train to 14th St & 6th Ave and marching down to Union Square
In Newark NJ Peoples Organization for Progress and others are gathering in front of Penn Station at 10:30 to 11 am and taking PATH Train to 14th St.
We have reserved some large 6 foot tables for delivery to Foley Square for literature, displays and exhibits. Tables are limited in quantity and will be allocated on a first reserved basis. So reserve your table now.
To reserve a table contact Sue Davis, suedavisnyc@gmail.com
You can also bring your own table to Foley Square.
We are asking a $40 to $50 donation for all tables where political and First Amendments items will be sold and a $25 donation for tables of strictly free literature. All donations collected will go toward covering the rally expenses.
If you want to table at the assembly point and first rally (12-2 pm) at Union Square, it will be crowded and difficult and you must bring your own table.
There will be Porto-Sans at Foley Square.
We will need volunteers and take-down crews at the end of both Rallies to thoroughly clean both Parks or we will lose a $1,000 ‘Clean-up Bond’ that we had to post with NYC Parks Department. So please be considerate during the day and help on clean-up at the end.
Selection of Featured Speakers and Performers (speakers will be short – 90 seconds each)
Union Sq.
Reverend Robert Coleman, Chief Program Minister, The Riverside Church
Glen Ford, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report
Mary Richmond, President of the Albany Chapter of NOW
Hatem Abudayyeh, United States Palestine Community Network (USPCN).
George Gresham, President SEIU 1199
Statement from Rabbi Lynne Gottlieb, Advisory Board Jewish Voices for Peace
Col. Ann Wright, Resigned from State Department to Protest Iraq War
Charles Barron, Member of the New York City Council
Vijay Prashad, author of The Darker Nations
Pardiss Kebraiei, Center for Constitutional Rights
Omar Barghouti, Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States
Zaineb Alani, Iraqi American antiwar activist and poet
Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Muslim Peace Coalition
Howie Hawkins, NY Green Party
Seemi Ahmed, Long Island Chapter of the Interfaith Alliance
Harvey Wasserman, environmental activist, author of Solartopia
Sara Flounders, International Action Center
Ahmed Shawki, Egyptian American Editor of Haymarket Books
Joe Lombardo, Co-Chair, United National Antiwar Committee
Statement from Lynne Stewart, wrongfully imprisoned civil rights lawyer
Statement from Leonard Peltier, wrongly imprisoned Native American activist
Spirit Child, performer of rhythmic hip hop
Joanne Shenandoa, Iroquois singer and Grammy Winner
Vinie Burrows, Broadway Actress
Dave Bernz, Grammy Award Winning producer and singer
Speakers Foey Sq.
Cindy Sheehan, Anti-war activist and Goldstar Mother of Casey Sheehan
Prachi Patankar, South Asia Solidarity Initiative
Alicia Godberg, New York State Peace Action
Ramon Jimenez, South Bronx Community Congress
Bill Collins, National Executive Board, Veterans for Peace
Teresa Gutierrez, May 1st Coalition
Tracy Molm, Stop FBI Repression
Susan Metz, Brooklyn for Peace
John Samuelsen, President TWU Local 100
Nada Matta, New York University Chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine
Sherry Wolf, Executive Committee of LGBT National Equality March
Steve Downs, Project SALAM
Monami Maulik, Desis Rising Up and Moving
Nada Khader, Executive Director of WESPAC Foundation
Luis Cotto, Hartford Connecticut City Council
Andy Coates, Secretary of Capital District Physicians for a National Healthcare Plan
Lisa Savage, Code Pink
Ray Laforest, Haitian activist
Ana Edwards, Virginia Defenders
Bernadette Ellorin, BAYAN
Ishrat Ruhi, Muslim Ummah of North America
Marilyn Levin, Co-Chair, United National Antiwar Committee
Statement from Mumia Abu Jamal, political prisoner on death row in Pennsylvania
Statement from Kevin Cooper, innocent death row prisoner in San Quentin
Rebel Diaz, political hip hop trio
The Last Internationale, political folk blues band
Tahani Salah, Palestinian activist performer and poet
The Raging Grannies, activist singers old enough to be grandmothers
Speakers and entertainers in SF (April 10)
Co-chair opening remarks – Blanca
Miese 0:02:00 UNAC Steering Committee 12:00:00
2 Lily Haskell or rep 0:02:00 Arab Resource and Organizing Center 12:02:40
3 John Parker 0:02:00 Organizer with Bail out the People 12:05:20
4 Nancy Mancias & Chelsea Dryer 0:02:00 CODE Pink & Women for Peace 12:08:00
5 Eric-Michael Wilson 0:02:00 UCB Budget cuts activist facing police repression 12:10:40
6 Jessica Antonio 0:02:00 Northern California Regional Director – BAYAN-USA 12:13:20
7 Omar Shakir 0:02:00 Law student at Stanford 12:16:00
8 Willie Ratcliff 0:02:00 San Francisco BayView newspaper publisher 12:18:40
9 Co-chair remarks – Kitty Liu 0:02:00 International Socialist Organization 12:21:20
10 Mike Wong 0:02:00 Veterans for Peace 12:24:00
11 Porfirio Quintano 0:02:00 Hondurans in Resistance Front 12:26:40
12 Carole Seligman w/ Mumia tape 0:02:00 12:29:20
13 Monadel Herzallah 0:02:00 Arab American Union Members Council; USPCN12:32:00
14 Jeff Patterson 0:02:00 Courage to Resist, Bradley Manning defense campaign 12:34:40
15 Fatima Mojaddidy 0:02:00 Afghans for Peace 12:37:20
16 Andrew Lichterman 0:02:00 Anti-nuclear activist – Western States Legal Foundation 12:40:00
17 UC Irvine MSU 11 defense campaign 0:02:00 Need to confirm name 12:42:40
18 Mick Kelly 0:05:00 Cmte to Stop FBI Repression, Twin Cities 12:45:20
19 Malalai Joya 0:06:00 12:51:00
20 Jeff Mackler – Fund Pitch 0:03:00 UNAC National Administrative Committee 12:57:40
21 Co-chair remarks – Zahra Billoo 0:02:00 Executive Direction, SF Bay Area CAIR 13:01:20
22 Imam Zaid Shakir 0:02:00 Co-founder and faculty at Zaytuna College in Berkeley 13:04:00
23 Hatem Bazian 0:02:00
UC Berkeley Professor, Near Eastern and Ethnic
Studies 13:06:40
24 Cristina Gutierrez 0:02:00 Barrios Unidos 13:09:20
25 Andrew Phillips 0:02:00 KPFA Interim General Manager, Anti-nuke leader 13:12:00
26 Co-chair remarks – Daniel Alley 0:02:00 UC Berkeley SJP 13:14:40
27 Clarence Thomas 0:02:00 ILWU Local 10 13:17:20
28 Barbara Lubin 0:02:00 Director, Middle East Children’s Alliance 13:20:00
29 Uncle Bobby 0:02:00 Oscar Grant’s uncle 13:22:40
30 Sharif Zakout 0:02:00 UC Santa Cruz activist facing repression 13:25:20
Speaker (closing rally after march)
1 Co-chair opening remarks – Judy Greenspan 0:02:00 Workers World Party 3:00:00
2 Mokhtar 0:02:00 Yemen solidarity organizer 3:02:40
3 Frank Lara 0:02:00 May Day Organizing Cmte 3:05:20
4 Betty Olson-Jones 0:02:00 President, Oakland Educators Association 3:08:00
5 Miguel Molina 0:02:00 KPFA Flashpoints 3:10:40
6 Co-chair remarks – Bill Balderston 0:02:00 Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice 3:13:20
7 Leslie Mullin or Ayana Labossiere 0:02:00 Haiti Action Committee 3:16:00
9 Tim Paulson (or Dave Welsh) 0:02:00 SF Labor Council 3:18:40
10 Kathryn Lybarger 0:02:00 AFSCME Local 3299, UCB Student Worker Action Team 3:21:20
11 Marsha Feinland 0:02:00 Peace and Freedom Party 3:24:00
12 Carole Seligman – Kevin Cooper, Lynn Stewart 0:02:00 3:26:40
Pakistan to hold solidarity rallies in 6 major cities
In Pakistan there will be solidarity demonstrations in 6 cities on April 10. The cities are: Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Pashwar, Karachi and Hayderabad. These demonstrations are being held in solidarity with the April 9 and 10 demonstrations in the US and are supported by 8 organizations in Pakistan. The organizations are: Labour Party Pakistan , Awami Party, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party, Workers Party Pakistan, Revolutionary Socialist Movement, National Students Federation, National Trade Union Federation, Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee. A statement from this Pakistani coalition will be read at the demonstrations.
Iraq April 9th protesters in several cities, protester plan to stay in the streets.
Iraqis will hold rallies on April 9. They are calling April 9 “The Day of Salvation.” Eight Iraqi organizations have called for this protest which will be a sit-in in front of all US bases throughout the country. They intend to stay, day and night till their demands are met and the US leaves their country.

peace, salaam, shalom, 평화 Pyung Hwa
and prayers for 日本

Lisa Savage
CODEPINK Maine Local Coordinator
☮☮Bring Our War $$ Home☮☮

http://went2thebridge.blogspot.com (peace blog)

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S.-funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities. Won’t you join us? codepink.org

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