Ugly new twist on Obama’s threatened veto….

Through the looking glass…

For those who feel Obama is still the person they think he is:

It turns out, as Carl Levin, one of the sponsors of the National Defense Authorization Act is pointing out, things aren’t exactly as they seem. The bill as released from the committee included an EXEMPTION for U.S. citizens and legal residents, PROTECTING them from indefinite military detention without charge. THAT was what the President was threatening to veto. So the administration requested that that language be removed and replaced with an adherence to “existing law” — which, it turns out, has, since the Jose Padilla affair, PERMITTED such detention for U.S. citizens. (The courts decided the Congressional authorization for the use of force — i.e., Iraq War — gave the president that power.) Once that language was in place in the NDAA, the President removed his veto threat.

So what most of us naive innocents assumed was a President hell-bent on protecting us, turns out to have been just the opposite. It also turns out that he has regularly renewed a State of Emergency begun by George Bush in the wake of 9/11. We are still under a State of Emergency, which includes the power to suspend Habeas Corpus.

For those who think those of us pursuing a new investigation into what happened on 9/11 are wasting time on water under the bridge — the water is rising.


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