UNAC-april 9th in NY

Please forgive me if this is a duplicate message.  There has been a positive response to the United National Antiwar Committee action in NY on April 9th, enough to get at least one bus.  I am handing off communication on this to Steve Burke, sburke@midcoast.com of Midcoast Peace and Justice, as he is the one who has organized the mid coast region and the bus.  It will be confusing if too many people attempt to organize this, and I don’t want anyone to get left out.  The bus cost will be approximately $70 per seat,  and there will be scholarships available; there should be pick ups in Bangor, Rockland, Portland and maybe Bath.      Please write Steve directly if you are interested in going to NY on April 9th for what appears to be a massive action against the war(s).    He is making arrangements to secure the bus or busses by mid week.   I have hope that the events of Tunisia and Egypt have created an opening where our voices will at last be heard.        In solidarity, Starr from Trenton

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