Urgent – call before noon today

Dear Friends, the amendment by Sen. Jim Webb to the Appropriations
>> Bill that creates the 18 month study of the federal and state criminal
>> justice systems is scheduled to be voted by the U.S. Senate today at
>> noon
.You might want to see this on C-Span.
>> Also, please call your two senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to
>> vote for the Webb Amendment.
PLEASE NOTE THAT SEN COLLINS is leaning toward “NO.”  Please call her and ask for her “YES” vote on this urgent issues for our country.

>> This is the capitol switchboard number. They will forward you to the
>> office of the Senator you request. Sometimes, but not seldom, the
>> switchboard is busy. But, keep trying.
>> When you get the office of your Senator, Just tell the staffer who
>> answers the phone for the Senator that your are from the state (you
>> might want to mention the city in the state) and then urge the Senator
>> to vote for the Webb Amendment.
>> This staffer will keep a check list of how many calls the Senator
>> received on the Webb Amendment this morning and report this to the
>> Senator before the vote.
>> Of course, you will have to do this twice since you have two Senators.

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