Vets march against NATO. Tell the IL National Guard to stand down.

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Date: May 11, 2012 6:09:33 PM EDT
Subject: Vets march against NATO. Tell the IL National Guard to stand down.

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Dear Judith,

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will return our medals in protest of the NATO Summit May 20 in Chicago. Help us make sure that the Illinois National Guard is not deployed against us.

Iraq Veterans Against the War and our Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee will lead a unity march with the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda. At the end of the march, we will ceremoniously return our NATO service medals to denounce the disastrous 11-year war in Afghanistan.

The Illinois National Guard Deputy Director of Domestic Operations recently stated publicly that he stands ready to deploy National Guard troops on peaceful NATO protesters.

Send an email to Major General L. Enyart, head of the Illinois National Guard, and urge him not to activate troops against fellow veterans.

This is going to be a peaceful demonstration to show that U.S. veterans and the American people say no more endless wars that destroy hundreds of thousands of lives, strip the humanity of all involved, and drain trillions of dollars from our communities that could be used for schools, health clinics, housing, and to create jobs.

But we are concerned that the National Guard may be used against us and other marchers. Help ensure that no service member is mobilized against fellow veterans, the people of Chicago, and peaceful people demonstrating against the failed policies of NATO’s generals.

Email Major General William L. Enyart and tell him to not to stand with his fellow veterans, not against us.

Respectfully urge him him to refuse to activate Illinois National Guard members against those exercising their first amendment right to peacefully demonstrate against NATO’s war in Afghanistan.

For more information about the NATO Summit protest, read our full Call to Action and view News clip about the upcoming action.

In Solidarity,

IVAW NATO Action Team

Aaron Hughes

Organizing Team Leader


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