"Visions and Strategies for the Occupy Movement in Maine, " Jan. 28, Augusta

Please spread the word about this gathering, via email, facebook, twitter, and any other way you can. PREREGISTRATION (see below) FOR THOSE PLANNING TO COME IS A BIG HELP ALSO (for planning, ride sharing, space use). Thanks.

18th Annual Changing Maine Gathering

“Visions and Strategies for the Occupy Movement in Maine”


January 28, 2012

9 AM-4:30 PM

(Snow date: January 29) 

Randall Student Center, U/Maine, Augusta


Why this day to examine the Occupy Movement?

 These are unprecedented times. We’re in the midst of an awakening of People Power, a speaking out, an uprising of actions. There’s a paradigm shift going on, a cultural change—thanks to Arab Spring and now the Occupy Movement.

Occupation campaigns in Portland, Augusta, and Bangor and support groups and actions in all corners of Maine have brought new optimism to those who have worked for months, years, or decades to promote democracy and economic and social equality locally, statewide, and beyond. Rarely have movements caught on as the Occupy Movement has, not only with activists but also with the public and the media.
Concepts like People Power, “We are the 99%,” democratic and consensus-based decision-making, the physical occupation of government-owned land, nonviolent action as a foundation, and strategies that focus on transforming our society are unique and exciting.
The Occupy Movement has experienced camp closures, but its potential is still huge. How can we utilize the Occupy Movement to help create a vision and a strategy for social change in Maine?

Goals for the Day

This day-long gathering is NOT intended for decision-making (altho agreements are encouraged/helpful) but primarily for brainstorming, networking, information exchange, and broadening the potential for the Occupy Movement in Maine. This includes encampments in Portland, Bangor, and Augusta and support groups/actions in other parts of Maine.
Some questions that will likely be addressed:
*Why have people joined Occupy?
*Are there historical precedents for our current occupation actions?
*How can we use Occupy to build a long-term movement for change?
*What are or might be some goals for the Occupy Movement?
*What are OUR hopes and visions?
*What are strategies Occupy campaigns can use to achieve our goals?
*Should we renew 24/7 occupations?
*Should some Occupy actions be coordinated statewide or regionally?
*How can we work with other groups to achieve our goals?
*How can different Occupy groups stay in contact with each other?
(Thanks to UMA and Women, Work and Community for arranging the space)

Schedule for the Day
(This agenda is flexible and may be changed during the day or before)
Morning—Where we’ve been, where we are now, where we want to go:
8:30-9: Register and gather
9-9:30: Introductions + agenda
9:30-10:30: History of Occupy actions, why have people joined, occupy and social change
10:30-10:45: Break
10:45-11:30: Visions for the Occupy Movement in Maine
11:30-noon: Strategy Brainstorm (continued during lunch)
Noon-1:30 PM: Lunch (please bring your own food/place-setting if possible; simple lunch provided also)
Afternoon—How we can get where we want to go:
1:30-2:45: Small groups based on various Occupy strategies and tactics—what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, what’s next.
2:45-3: Break
3-4:15 Review/discuss strategies and tactics for Occupy Actions—Where do we go from here?
4:15-4:30: Wrap up (but space to stay longer is available)

Registration Form

(OK to register by email)









Email ______________________________


Organization (if any)__________________ 


___Enclosed is a donation (any or no donation is OK) for the day $_______


___Enclosed is a registration to hold a space (make payment, if any, on January 28)  


___I need a ride; contact me re: carpooling


___I can offer a ride; have riders contact me


___I need childcare, register by January 24


Directions and handouts will be sent to pre-registrants. The location and bathrooms are fully wheelchair accessible. For special needs/requests, please state below or on a separate sheet:




Return this portion of the form to:


Resources for Organizing and Social Change, 161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951, rosc@psouth.net

Questions? Call Larry Dansinger, (207) 525-7776.

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