Voting Rights on the Chopping Block


Action Alert: Voting Rights on the Chopping Block

We hope you’ve heard the good news that the House and Senate killed LD 31, the bill that would have required parental consent for contraception, yesterday.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news.

The Maine State House voted yesterday to suppress tens of thousands of voters in Maine by voting in favor of:
1.  LD 1376 – Ending Same-Day Registration in Maine (Hear Carlin’s moving words on why we must oppose this bill)
2.  LD 199 – Requiring Voters to have state issued IDs at the polls (Read Senator Patrick’s words on how this bill would suppress voters in Maine)

Why would they want to make it harder to vote? To make sure less people vote.
Let’s stop them.

If you want to make sure that tens of thousands of young people can still exercise their right to vote for years to come, then PLEASE call your Senator today: 1-800-423-6900 and ask them to vote NO on LD 1376 and LD 199.  If you aren’t sure who your Senator is, use this handy tool.

Please forward to your networks, especially those outside of Portland. Senators across the state need to hear from constituents in their districts.

Thanks for all you do,
Alysia, Bethany, Brianna, Edward, Heather, Shenna and Zach, MCLU

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