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Iraq Veterans Against the War | Newsletter

Iraq Veterans Against the War | Newsletter

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Dear Judith,

You helped us make history yesterday in Chicago.

Yesterday, nearly 50 veterans of NATO’s wars gathered in Chicago to return their medals, powerfully symbolizing a rejection of the continued military occupation in Afghanistan.

You can watch us turn in our medals here:

Your phone calls and emails to the Governor and the head of the Illinois National Guard last week helped ensure that our sisters and brothers in the Guard were not deployed against us, and our collective action on the streets of Chicago remained peaceful and disciplined – an expression of our determination to set the record straight on our military service.

But this national demonstration took a lot of resources, and there is still much more work to do. Would you help cover the costs with a  donation today? If everyone chips in a small amount, it will make a big difference. Can you chip in $5 or more?

Click here to give.

We are most proud of the fact that our action yesterday was a joint event with our sisters in Afghans for Peace. Together, we led a march of thousands as close as we could get to the meeting location of the NATO summit and performed a reconciliation ceremony. Our collective action was a powerful gesture of solidarity that represents the early stages of our commitment to reconciliation with the Afghan people. Watch this interview clip of Afghanistan war veteran, Graham Clumpner and Suraia Sahar of Afghans For Peace, courtesy of Democracy Now.

Our Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee will be having a retreat later this summer to determine further action. But they can’t do it without your help.

Please give a donation today to support our continued organizing to end the Afghanistan War. Any amount will help.

Click here to give.

In Solidarity,

Iraq Veterans Against the War
Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee

P.S. Many thanks to Democracy Now for such thorough coverage of our efforts!

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