New Economies for Maine" Jan. 29, 2011 in Augusta


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17th Annual Gathering for Changing Maine


Beyond Capitalism: New Economies for Maine”


Saturday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm

January 29, 2011

(Snow date: January 30, 2011)


Pine Tree State (Viles) Arboretum,

153 Hospital St., Augusta

(across the street from Riverview and state office buildings)



Why go beyond capitalism?


Most of our US economy is based on capitalism, but it’s not providing the equality of benefits most of us want or insuring that everyone in Maine can obtain their basic needs. Its future looks even worse: a capitalist economy that’s dependent on growth despite  declining resources, promoting globalization that benefits especially corporations and wealthy nations while hurting poorer nations and people, and creating deeper divisions between the rich and the underpaid. In several recent public polls, almost half of those surveyed said they were very ambivalent toward or opposed to capitalism.


But the agenda is NOT to debate the pros and cons of capitalism. Instead, it is to look at other economies—real and proposed—to see how our economy could work better in the future in Maine and beyond.


There are other economic systems besides capitalism. It’s time to take a close look at these, to decide what our real choices are or could be, and how we can create a more egalitarian economy. How our economy is structured has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. We need to make sure ours will serve all of us well in the future.


Goals and Presentations of Economies


Some goals for this “Beyond Capitalism: New Economies for Maine” will be to:

*Recognize that capitalism is not our only choice;

*Understand what an economy consists of and the strengths and weaknesses of various economic models

*Find out about other economies that could work better and that we can start working toward;

*Learn about resources about and examples of other economic systems we want to work for.


Our goal is NOT to steer you toward one certain economic model but rather to help you see new options and then decide for yourselves which of those appeal to you.


Some of the economies to be presented include:

#Solidarity Economy

#Cooperativism, Common Wealth Strategies

#Parecon (Participatory Economy) (tent.)

#Nonviolent, Free, and Mutual Association Economy

#Market Socialism


These descriptions of different economies will be presented by academics, on-the-ground practitioners, and organizers. They will be geared toward people involved in grassroots groups–economics for the average person.


Schedule for the Day:

8:30 AM–Registration, read materials, relax, get ready

9 AM—Introductions and Agenda Review

9:30 AM—Why capitalism isn’t working and the need to look at other “models”

9:40 AM—Pieces of the economic puzzle—what every economic system needs—a “checklist”

10:30 AM–Break

10:45 AM—4 or 5 short presentations on other economies (see list above)

11:30 AM—Q and A about these other economies

12 noon–Lunch (potluck, bring food to share)

1:20 PM—Session #1 w/presenters of other economies going into more detail in small groups

2:20 PM–Break

2:30 PM–Session #2 w/presenters of other economies going into more detail in small groups

3:30 PM—Participants summarize pros and cons of the economies they discussed

4:15 PM–Evaluation and clean up


Registration Form (OK to register by email)









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___Enclosed is $0-20 (any or no donation is OK) for the day $_______


___Enclosed is a registration to hold a space (make payment, if any, on January 29)  


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___I need childcare, register by January 25


Directions and handouts will be sent to pre-registrants. The location and bathrooms are fully wheelchair accessible. For special needs/requests, please state below or on a separate sheet:


Return this portion of the form to:

Resources for Organizing and Social Change, 161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951,

Questions? Call Larry Dansinger, 525-7776.




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