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Beginning January 1 and continuing until the inauguration of  
President Obama, Voices for Creative Nonviolence will maintain a  
presence in Chicago identified as CAMP HOPE. Each day during this  
period they will focus on one or more of the critical issues  
identified below, in an effort to bring the voices of the people to  
the new administration.

Peninsula Peace & Justice will support this effort by organizing a  
letter-writing campaign. Beginning on Wednesday January 7, 6:30 pm.  
at the Blue Hill Library, we will gather with laptops, pen and paper,  
to research and discuss the issues, share our perspectives with each  
other, become more informed, and WRITE. We will write to the Obama  
team, and we may write to our Maine delegation and media.

Please plan to join us. Become a voice for Hope. Bring your laptop or  
not. Bring YOUR ideas. Popcorn supplied. We will schedule further  
gatherings at the first meeting.

Following is the VCNV announcement:

In January, 2009, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as president of  
the United States.  We earnestly hope his presidency will signal the  
dawning of long-needed progressive change in the United States. To  
help build popular momentum behind the progressive goals of President  
Obama’s campaign, we invite you to join us in maintaining a 19-day  
presence, from January 1 – 19, 2009, in Hyde Park, Chicago:  "Camp  
Hope: Countdown To Change."

Every day from New Years’ to Dr. Martin Luther King Day, whatever  
winter has in store for us, we will set up at the intersection of  
East Hyde Park Boulevard and South Drexel Avenue to congratulate  
Senator Obama as our new President-elect and recommit ourselves to  
progressive actions he promoted on his campaign trail.  We are urging  
President-elect Obama to take eight actions immediately upon being  
sworn into office, and reminding ourselves that these are only eight  
early steps to more profound policy changes.

Camp Hope seeks action on:

War in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
Global Climate Change
Nuclear Weapons
Guantanamo and Torture
Immigrant Rights
Unemployment and the Prison-Industrial Complex
Housing Foreclosures
Universal Health Care
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