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Dear Newsletter editors,

Here are some calendar items for September and later.  FEEL FREE TO PICK AND

Larry Dansinger

August 29: Third annual People Fest celebration of global cultural
diversity, Veterans Park, Manchester, NH. Nabil Magally, mgalli at comcast.net.

August 29: Workshops on making tinctures and beekeeping, part of series of
workshops on sustainable living, Kennebunk. Marilyn Wentworth, Neverdun
Farm, 967-4735.

September 7: Labor Day celebration with singer Bill Morrissey and Harlan
Baker performing "Jimmy Higgins: A Life in the Labor Movement," 3 PM, Gr.
Bangor Labor Council, 20 Ivers St., Brewer. Food AND Medicine, 989-5860.

September 9-11: Roy Bourgeois of School of the Americas Watch speaks on the
campaign to shut down the school in Portland, Lewiston, Farmington, Orono,
and Blue Hill. Bill Slavick, Pax Christi, 773-6562 or
william.slavick at maine.edu.

September 10: MaineShare's 20 anniversary celebration, 5-7:30 PM, Frontier
Cafe, Fort Andross, Brunswick. MaineShare, 622-0105 or giving at maineshare.org
or www.maineshare.org.

September 10-11: Major gifts fundraising workshop w/Andy Robinson,
Dover-Foxcroft. Call 564-4346 or wecare at pinetreehospice.org.

September 12: Walk for Real Security to show how real security is created
thru respect and conflict resolution, not thru militarism, noon, meet at
Davenport Park, Cedar and Main Sts., Bangor. Peace and Justice Center, 170
Park St., Bangor. Call 942-9343 or info at peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

September 12: Benefit cruise on Penobscot River to celebrate successful
environmental campaign and cleanup of the river, 2:30 PM, Bangor waterfront.
Maine People's Alliance, 990-0672 or ryan at mainepeoplesalliance.org.

September 18-20: Annual GROW (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops) weekend with
skillbuilding workshops and a beautiful location for new and experienced
organizers, Tanglewood 4-H Camp, Lincolnville. ROSC, 525-7776 or
rosc at psouth.net for details and registration.

September 20: "Rethink Afghanistan" film (documentary on key issues on this
US invasion/occupation) shown with panel discussion to follow, 7 PM, Peace
and Justice Center, 170 Park St., Bangor. Call 942-9343 or info at peacectr.org
or www.peacectr.org.

September 25-27: Common Ground Country Fair, Crosby Brook Rd., Unity. MOFGA
(Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association), 568-4142 or
mofga at mofga.org or www.mofga.org.

September 28-October 3: Banned Books Week to end literary censorship. Thesil
Morlan, Amnesty International, 832-6863 or thesil at midcoast.com for an
information packet.

October 3: Annual Harvest Supper featuring great potluck food,
entertainment, and awards, 6-8 PM, Unitarian-Universalist Church, 120 Park
St., Bangor. Peace and Justice Center, 170 Park St., Bangor. Call 942-9343
or info at peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

October 3-10: Annual Keep Space for Peace week of events and protests, in
Maine and thruout the world, to stop the militarization of space. Call the
Global Network, 443-9502 or www.space4peace.org.

October 9-11: New England Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters,
Amazing Planet Farm, Brattleboro, VT. Larry Dansinger, Maine WTR Resource
Center, 525-7776 or rosc at psouth.net for ridesharing.


GayMaine is a travel guide with GLBTQ people in mind. This glossy booklet
features especially gay-friendly spots like Ogunquit as well as interesting
attractions in on-the-beaten-path places like Portland and off-the-path
locations as well. Sections include "dining," night life," "excursions,"
"lighthouses," features with business owners, and a list of gay-friendly
businesses. To get a copy or to be included in future editions, contact
TravelMaine, info at gotravelmaine.com or www.gotravelmaine.com.

A new report from the Maine Center for Economic Policy, "National Health
Reform: Lessons from Maine," suggests that some kind of public health care
system can work, that states can't do it themselves, the cost containment is
crucial, and that a watered down system will not solve the problem. Maine
has had some successes: a 20 percent drop in the number of uninsured people,
a reduced rate of increase in health insurance costs, and some documented
savings in health care spending. For a copy: MeCEP, 622-7381 or
nwitherbee at mecep.org.

Everyone's buzzing about the upcoming tour of the Beehive Collective. The
Bees are looking for groups, in Maine and beyond, to host their fall
Mesoamerica Resiste (MR) tour. The MR graphics are the third part in a
trilogy to graphically show the story of colonization, globalization, and
over-industrialized development of our world's economy, especially as it
affects North and South America. The Beehive Collective is also looking for
new members--to learn graphic arts and to work with its programs in Machias.
For details: call 255-6737 or pollinators at beehivecollective.org.

The huge single payer health care rally in Portland last month, the
withdrawl of test wells by bottled water company Nestlé, the premiere of the
film "Tapped" on the problems of bottled water, and the demonstration at
Bath Iron Works against continued production of weapons of mass destruction:
These are topics from the Maine Video Activists Network #38, which is posted
on the web under that title. FMI on the Network, try
craig at roundpointmovies.org.

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