[HCCN] letters to editors to support freedom to marry

Peter Rees rees909 at roadrunner.com
Tue Aug 18 20:54:33 EDT 2009


I write in all humility, as I am well aware that many of you who receive
this are frequent and effective composers of letters to the editor.
Regardless, on the vital question of protecting marriage equality in Maine,
some Letter coordination would seem to be in order and Peter Rees and I have
been asked to co-chair the effort in Hancock County.

1) Please consider writing a letter to the editor yourself, to your local weekly
paper, to the Ellsworth American (news at ellsworthamerican.com), or to the
Bangor Daily News (letters at bangordailynews.net).  For source material, go to
http://mainefreedomtomarry.com and click on "Learn More."

2) Ask your friends and family to write.  The more participants the better,
as papers will not print letters from the same author until some time has
passed (two months, in the case of the BDN).

3) Although we are seeking a "no" vote and thus inescapably must be a tad
negative, try to frame your message positively and refrain from demonizing
the opposition.  As with all such ballot issues, we don't have much faith
that we will convert those committed to vetoing marriage equality.  Rather,
we must persuade the relatively few undecideds in the middle, and they are
turned off by name calling and the like.  Accentuate the positive.  And be
brief!  But you knew that already.

4)  We realize that this request will not go down well with many of you, but
we'd like to know before you click "send" to which papers you are writing.
The letter traffic may well be busy on this issue and we'd like to avoid
flooding one paper and ignoring another.  Indeed, it would be helpful to
actually see your letter(s) before you send them, so we can be aware of
duplicate themes and language. This is more wish than command, of course.
Please do whatever is comfortable for you.  My email address is
kaprice at directv.net and Peter's is rees909 at roadrunner.com.

5)  If anyone would like help writing or editing a letter, Peter and I are
ready to assist in any way.

We appreciate greatly whatever momentum you can add to this historic cause.
With your help, Maine can set a new standard for the nation.  And the tide
of history is running our way!

With all good wishes,

Kent Price

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