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Harborside, Maine. The Good Life Center at Forest Farm ­ the last homestead
of Helen and Scott Nearing
­ announces the upcoming MONDAY NIGHT MEETING on Monday, August 24th, 7 pm,
at The
Reversing Falls Sanctuary, located on Route 175 near the Bagaduce Falls in
North Brooksville.
Doors open at 6:30, program begins at 7:00, desserts are served. All are
welcome. Donations are appreciated.
August 14, 2009
Contact: Nancy Caudle-Johnson
Forest Farm
The Good Life Center
372 Harborside Road € Harborside, Maine 04642 € (207) 326-8211 €
Live Simply & Pay As You Go: Simplicity and Frugality as a State of Mind
A panel, including Beedy Parker, Joan Cheetham, and Emilie Hermans, will
offer personal
experiences, insights, and suggestions based on the Nearing precepts: Live
Simply that Others May
Live (Helen) and Pay As You Go (Scott). The Nearings¹ message is more
pertinent than ever in these
times of economic crisis, global warming, and increasing pressure on the
world¹s resources.
Beedy Parker of Camden will address the complexity and environmental
importance of living simply
and frugally within our cultural context, and will relate this to the
writings and practices of Helen and
Scott Nearing. She has worked, largely with MOFGA, to reduce the use of
pesticides and other
toxins, and has been active in town recycling, street tree planting, compost
teaching, and environ
mental education. She fed her (now grown) family from her in-town vegetable
gardens, is the
originator of, and designed and sewed the costumes for, the Common Ground
Fair¹s children¹s
Vegetable Parade, and travels by bicycle wherever possible.
Joan Cheetham and her family live in a small wood-heated, passive solar
house on fifty acres of land
in Monroe, Maine. They grow their own vegetables and fruit, raise chickens,
and make maple syrup
from a grove of maple trees. They harvest firewood and saw logs from the
surrounding forest. Former
teachers, they try to live simply and frugally in order to ³tread lightly on
the planet² and decrease
their dependence on fossil fuel energy. Joan works with MOFGA¹s organic
certification program. She is a
long-time Good Life Center Steward and serves on its board of directors.
Emilie Hermans is a second generation back-to-the-lander and lives with her
husband and their twoyear-
old daughter in a timber-frame home they built on sixty acres in Surry. As a
daughter of Tom
Hoey and Gail Disney of South Brooksville, she hauled her daily share of
wood and water even as a
young child. After graduating from George Stevens Academy and Swarthmore
College, she lived
and worked in Seattle before moving back to Maine¹s Penobscot peninsula. She
met her husband,
Joe, while apprenticing at the King Farm in Penobscot, served on the board
of the Blue Hill Coop,
and visited Forest Farm as a child. The couple now host the annual May Day
celebration begun by
first generation back-to-the-landers in the 1970s.
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Countless people have been inspired by visits to the Nearing homestead and
by their many books, especially
Living the Good Life. Scott died in 1983 at age 100, and Helen followed in
1995 at 91, leaving the property
known as The Good Life Center that others might be encouraged to pursue
their own purposeful ³good
Located at 372 Harborside Road on Cape Rosier in Brookswille, the grounds
and garden are open to visitors
Thursday through Monday, 1 to 4 pm, June 21 until Labor Day. Volunteer hosts
will share information and
stories about Helen and Scott¹s lives. Nearing books are available for
purchase; donations are appreciated.
The Good Life Center, a 501 ©(3) nonprofit, was established in 1998 to
preserve the house, library, and garden of
the social, political, and environmental activists. The buildings are
presently closed to the public for restoration.
For more information, call The Good Life Center at 207-326-8211 or go to
Chair ­ Jocelyn Langer, Hubbartston, Massachusetts Diane Fitzgerald, Blue
Hill, Maine
Treasurer ­ Joan Cheetham, Monroe, Maine Gwyneth Thomas, Penobscot, Maine
Secretary ­ Nancy Caudle-Johnson, Camden, Maine 
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