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> Date: August 21, 2009 11:11:39 AM EDT
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> Subject: [Peacectr_list] Co-sponsor  Sept. 12  + flyer dowload
> Download flyer http://peacectr.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/ 
> sept12_2009_flyer1.pdf
> On Saturday, September 12th, one day after the anniversary of   
> September 11th, we invite you to join with others for a "Walk for  
> Real Security" in Bangor.  Join us as at 12:00 p.m. as we gather at  
> Davenport Park on Main Street across from the Bangor Homeless  
> Shelter.  Together we will walk to Eastern Maine Medical Center and  
> back (about a three mile walk) drumming and carrying signs to  
> express what we feel is needed:  health care, good jobs,  
> sustainable environmental policies, education and a foreign policy  
> based on diplomacy and cooperation, etc.   Let's show there is a  
> vibrant grassroots movement that will not allow our democracy to be  
> hijacked by the greedy, wealthy and powerful few.
> We are encouraging area high school  and college students to take  
> the lead and we seek organizational co-sponsors.  Thanks to those  
> who have agreed to co-sponsor to date:
> Maine Peace Action Committee, Peace & Justice Group of Waldo  
> County, Waterville Bridges for Peace, Peninsula Peace & Justice,  
> Jim Harney Chapter of Veterans for Peace, Northern Peace & Justice  
> (Aroostook County).
> Please let us know if  your organization  is willing to co-sponsor  
> and get the word out to your members
> Donations to help with expenses would be welcome, but not essential  
> for co-sponsorship.  See below for a brief rationale for the walk.   
> You can download a copy of the flyer designed by Eric Olson  By   
> clicking here:  http://peacectr.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/ 
> sept12_2009_flyer1.pdf
> Please make copies and post in your community or let us know if you  
> would like us to send you copies to post.
> Ilze
> Why a Walk for Real Security
> Has the endless war on terrorism made us safer than we were after  
> the 9/ll attacks?   We are told we cannot afford the cost of  
> providing basic health insurance to everyone. We are told we cannot  
> afford to develop alternative energy sources as we face growing  
> problems from climate change. Yet we continue to spend millions on  
> military dinosaurs that even the Pentagon says are not necessary,  
> billions on military bases around the world and billions more for  
> waging wars that make us less secure.
> What can we, the majority who do not agree with these priorities,  
> do to make our voices heard?  How can we make sure the profit  
> making healthcare industry, composed of huge  insurance and   
> pharmaceutical corporations  and military contractors who profit  
> from war, don't define the debate about our priorities and the  
> future of so many around the world?  You may have called your  
> elected officials and visited their offices.  You may   have signed  
> petitions and sent e-mails. But there are so many more who have not  
> yet found a way to express their concerns or share their vision of  
> how we can best take care of each other as a community.   So many  
> have given up on democratic participation that it is likely to  
> become a self fulfilling prophecy.  Let's provide  a visible active  
> alternative to despair.
> -- 
> Donate Now<https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=16744>
> The Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
> 170 Park Street
> Bangor ME 04401
> (207) 942-9343
> fax 992-2288
> email: info at peacectr.org
> check our website:  <http://peacectr.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/ 
> 2009/08/sept12_2009_flyer1.pdf>http://peacectr.org/wp/wp-content/ 
> uploads/2009/08/sept12_2009_flyer1.pdf www.peacectr.org
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