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February 19, 2009: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
CONTACT:  Candy Eaton, Program Director
*_"Positive Parenting -- Nurturing Young Children (Part I)" Series 
The Hancock County Children's Council is pleased to announce a new 
"Positive Parenting -- Nurturing Young Children" 5-week series beginning 
Monday, March 16, 2009, 5:30pm-7:30pm, at Downeast Health Services, 52 
Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth, ME.   Linda Levesque will present this 
FREE series designed for parents, guardians and caregivers of young 
children.  The Nurturing Program® for Parents & Their Infants, Toddlers 
& Preschoolers Parent Handbook will be available for $15.00.
This is a multi-session, group-based program where parents and children 
learn about empathy; appropriate behaviors, brain development; rewards 
and punishments, praise and self-esteem, non-violent discipline and ways 
to have fun as a family.    Register by contacting Candy Eaton at 
667-5304 ext. 261, or email children at downeasthealth.org 
<mailto:children at downeasthealth.org>.    Class size will be limited to 
12 participants. 
Parents know their children best -- their unique behaviors, interests, 
and abilities.  But it is challenging for any parent to be an expert on 
all aspects of infant and child development or the most effective ways 
to support a child at each stage. 
The philosophy of /Nurturing Parenting/ emphasizes the importance of 
raising children in a warm, trusting and caring household.  Nurturing is 
a universal parenting practice.  To nurture is to nourish, to nurse and 
to promote the positive growth of children's physical, emotional, social 
and spiritual well-being.  It is the one common characteristic all the 
families of the world share.  In addition, we will cover topics of 
bullying, TV violence, communicating with young children and building 
self-esteem in the early years.  We will practice strategies to be 
effective with discipline, help your child learn to cooperate, and 
increase your enjoyment and effectiveness as a parent. 
There is extensive research linking healthy child development to 
effective parenting.  Children thrive when parents provide not only 
affection, but also respectful communication and listening, consistent 
rules and expectations, and safe opportunities that promote 
independence.  Successful parenting fosters psychological adjustment, 
helps children succeed in school, encourages curiosity about the world, 
and motivates children to achieve.  Parenting skills cannot be static; 
as children grow and mature, parents need to change the way they respond 
to their children's needs.  In addition, parenting styles need to be 
adjusted for each child's individual temperament and unique 
circumstances.[i] <#_edn1>
When parents share their concerns and perspectives on their children, 
there is an opportunity to explore solutions and share resources.  
Information about parenting and child development may help you assess 
your child's development relative to others of the same age, help you to 
have realistic expectations for your child's behavior and explore ways 
to communicate those expectations effectively.   You will learn how to 
guide a child's behavior and reinforce desired / appropriate behavior, 
ways to model desirable behavior, and non-punitive disciplinary 
techniques, such as setting limits, redirecting attention or behavior, 
and logical consequences for actions.
The Maine Children's Trust has generously contributed to the support of 
these parenting classes.  The mission of the Maine Children's Trust is 
to prevent the abuse and neglect of Maine's children.  Visit the Trust's 
website at www.mechildrenstrust.org <http://www.mechildrenstrust.org/> 
or call 207-623-5120 for more information.
Downeast Health Services Inc provides for the health, safety, and 
well-being of children and their families in Downeast Maine through 10 
core program services areas.  Please contact the Hancock County 
Children's Council to learn about other parenting classes and workshops 
available in your community or visit our Parent Resource Library at 52 
Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth.  You may visit our website at 
www.downeasthealth.org <http://www.downeasthealth.org/> for additional 
information on child safety and family educational resources available 
or contact Candy Eaton at 667-5304 ext. 261 or email 
children at downeasthealth.org <mailto:children at downeasthealth.org>.  

[i] <#_ednref1> Promoting Healthy Families in Your Community, 2007, page 19
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