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Sun Nov 15 12:51:14 EST 2009

>> Subject: News Release and Community Billboard
>> for November 19 edition:
>> News Release:

>> On Saturday, November 21, 8:30-1pm there will be a sale of Holiday  
>> Decor at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary, 818 Bagaduce Rd in North  
>> Brooksville.  It's a yard sale without a yard, a flea market  
>> without fleas.  It's priceless items with no price tags.  The  
>> customer decides the price.  Christmas and winter holiday  
>> decorations, ornaments, wrapping paper, and cards in good as new  
>> condition have been donated by supporters of the Reversing Falls  
>> Sanctuary so that neighbors and friends in Brooksville and  
>> surrounding communities can decorate their homes in a festive way  
>> even in these difficult economical times.  It's neighbors helping  
>> neighbors and community working together.   It's fun and all are  
>> welcome to participate.
>> After the merger of the North and South United Methodist churches  
>> in 2001, the North Brooksville church, built in 1900, became  
>> available for new and diverse modes of worship and a gathering  
>> place for the community.  It is now referred to as the Reversing  
>> falls Sanctuary.  Proceeds from the sale will be used for a new  
>> heating system for the building.  The Sanctuary is handicapped  
>> accessible.  Info: 469-7850

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