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> Subject: [Peacectr_list] Call to Action re Troop Increase in  
> Afghanistan Announcement
> Hello fellow peace activists,
> There is a general consensus in Maine, and throughout New England  
> and the U.S., to turn out for protest demonstrations at 5pm on the  
> first business day following any announcement of an escalation in  
> Afghanistan. In Bangor this would be at the federal building  
> according to CODEPINK members in that part of the state. In  
> Portland, would it be Monument Square or?
> Below (and attached) is an electronic copy of Mark's "Make Noise,  
> Not War" proposal for a tactic to increase the impact and, one  
> might hope, mainstream media coverage of these protests.
> Banging pots and pans to display displeasure and anger with our  
> government's policy would be a universally understood action  
> available to all citizens - as has been successfully used in  
> Oaxaca, Argentina, etc. At a rally the sound would make the crowd  
> seem larger. Individuals hanging out of windows would make the  
> geographical area of displeasure noticeable to all within earshot,  
> especially in urban areas.
> The tools are available to all.The action would need minimal prior  
> preparation, and many would be empowered by being able to protest  
> without leaving their homes.
> There would be pre-determined "call to action" alert levels,  
> similar to the government's color code, but using cooking terms  
> that many people are familiar with. These signals would indicate  
> appropriate levels of response to events, include assembly points  
> and duration of action. e.g. announced escalation in Afghanistan  
> triggers BOIL level at 5pm on business day following the announcement.
> Individual action out of window or from front stoop in urban areas.  
> In yard in suburban areas. By auto in rural areas.
> Walk or ride randomly through towns or neighborhoods. No formal  
> assembly of crowds.
> Assemble in or around largest public park or traffic intersection  
> in nearest large town or city.
> Assemble outside federal office buildings.
> There is a level of humor available with this method that can  
> defuse tension while allowing protest of very serious, life  
> threatening policies.
> A movement name? YOU CAN'T EAT WAR.
> Bumper stickers, pins & buttons logo: Bowl full of bombs with a  
> knife and fork crossed over, slogan: YOU CAN'T EAT WAR.
> Precision pot & pan drill teams!
> These ideas would help involve artists, which all successful  
> resistance movements need, and would foster levels of involvement  
> and autonomy -- from individual spontaneity to close order  
> precision drill teams.This effort would be low tech, attention  
> getting, and non-violent.
> Peace deserves the attention of the people!
> The only ones who can eat war, are those who sell it.
> contact: Mark Roman, Waterville Area Bridges for Peace & Justice  
> honedsharp47 at yahoo.com (207) 643-2356 (207) 399-7624
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