[HCCN] Fwd: Last call for names for Maine drone-test-site newspaper ad

Dick Atlee atlee at umd.edu
Mon Oct 5 15:20:30 EDT 2009

You all may not be familiar with the fact that there is a push from the 
DoD and a private corporation to replace the becoming-defunct Brunswick 
Naval Air Station with an unmanned aerial vehicle testing site.  The 
pro-arguments are, of course, jobs, and that these UAVs can be used for 
all kinds of non-military purposes.  The con-arguments would include the 
obvious moral concern, plus the approach's obvious avoidance of 
conversion to more useful activities such as green energy.

Here's a note about a full-page ad that was sent out last week (before I 
left for 5 days without email).  They are asking for signatures, and, if 
possible, a contribution to the ad, needed by Saturday, October 10. 
I've appended the list of signers as of today.

For a larger picture of what UAV's will mean in the future of war, see


For an article highlighting safety issues (relevant to Brunswick):


And if you want to know how Maine fits into this:


and the following, from Chellie Pingree's list of appropriations 
requests that have been submitted to her, from



Grifin, LLC
10 Mast Ln, Brunswick ME 04011 No Fax

Continuing operations at NAS Brunswick as an Unmanned Flight Center is a 
means to utilize this multi-billion dollar asset to its full potential. 
The transition will help close an eminent national security gap, 
revitalize the regional economy that is suffering from the BRAC closure 
of the base, provide job retention and creation and lead to the 
development of a technology center for the emerging $62 Billion unmanned 
flight industry. The Unmanned Flight Center meets specific DoD 
objectives for the integration of unmanned flight and associated sensor 
technology, DOT (FAA) objectives for airspace integration regarding 
unmanned flight, and DHS objectives regarding Border Patrol and Coast 
Guard operations.


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Subject: Last call for names for Drone newspaper ad
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 10:18:32 -0400
From: Global Network <globalnet at mindspring.com>

Dear Fellow Maine activists:

PeaceWorks in Brunwick is now working hard to try to stop a plan to put 
an Unmanned Aerial Vehice (drone) flight test center at the Navy air 
station after it closes in 2011.

These are the drones that are now flying over Iraq, Afghanistan and 
Pakistan firing missiles and killing hundreds of civilians.

PeaceWorks is now in the process of collecting names and funds to put a 
full-page signature advertisement in an upcoming weekend edition of the 
local Times Record newspaper.

Because the state of Maine will be helping to fund the redevelopment 
effort at the base this is a statewide issue.  It is our hope that you 
will agree to add your name to this signature ad and make a donation to 
PeaceWorks to help pay for it.

We also hope that local peace groups throughout Maine will add their 
names to this signature ad as well.

The price to be listed is up to $20 each, pay what you can afford.  Even 
if you can't afford to pay anything we'd like to have your name and town 
on the signature advert.

     Please let Selma Sternlieb know if we can add your name/town....
     ssternli at gwi.net

Send your check to PeaceWorks, PO Box 652, Brunswick, ME 04011.  We need 
these in by Oct 10.

With your help we just might be able to put a snag in the plans for this 
drone zone test center.

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
globalnet at mindspring.com
http://space4peace.blogspot.com (Blog)

[Names as of 10/5]

Sally Breen, Windham
Sally Greene, Brunswick
Starr C. Gilmartin, Trention
Isabel Denham, Yarmouth
Agnes Bushell, Portland
Ann Schwenk, Freeport
Anna Salom, Harpswell
Barbara West, Arrowsic
Beth Leonard, Nobleboro
Beth Markow, Brunswick
Betty King, Woolwich
Betty Wurtz, New Gloucester
Bob Lezer, Freeport
Bonnie Preston, Blue Hill
Bruce K. Gagnon, Bath
Carla Rensenbrink, Topsham
Carol Brightman, Walpole
Carol W. Brewster, Manchester
Carole Whelan, Military Families Speak Out, Hope
Catherine Mink,
Charles King, Woolwich
Christine A. DeTroy, Brunswick
Christine J. DeTroy, Brunswick
Nonny Soifer, Harpswell
Jill Standish, Brunswick
Colleen Kreps, Appleton
Connie Wurtz, New Gloucester
Cushman D. Anthony, North Yarmouth
D.W. Chipman, Harpswell
David Millard, So. Portland
David Vail, Brunswick
David Wallace, Brunswick
Deborah R. Atwood, Brunswick
Dexter Kamilewicz, Orrs Island
Doug Allen, Bangor
Doug Rawlings, Chesterville
Dudley Hendrick, Deer Isle
Ed McCarthy, Gorham
Edward McCartan, Brunswick
Enid Sharp, Brunswick
Eric Herter, Brunswick
Eric Hooglund, Portland
Esther G. Lacognata, Topsham
Faith Willcox, Westport Island
Frances MacDonald, Old Orchard Beach
Fritz Kempner, Woolwich
Gail J. L. Kass, Harpswell
Gary Lawless, Nobleboro
Ginnie DiBonaventura, West Bath
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Brunswick
Grace Braley, Portland
Gretchen Kamilewicz, Orrs Island
Herb Hoffman, Ogunquit
Herman Schwenk, Freeport
Herschel Sternlieb, Brunswick
Ilze Petersons, Bangor
Jamilla El Shafei, Kennebunk
Joanne Rosenthal, Brunswick
John Bernard, South Portland
John Grill, Woolwich
John Rensenbrink, Topsham
Jonathan Carter, Lexington Twp.
Jonathan Kreps, Appleton
Judith Robbins, Sedgwick
Judy Lloyd, Brunswick
Julian C. Holmes, Wayne
June Vail, Brunswick
K.D. Chipman, Harpswell
Karen D’Andrea, Scarborough
Karen Hart Anthony, North Yarmouth
Karen S. Wainberg, Bath
Kate MacKay, Georgetown
Kathleen McGee, Bowdoinham
Kim Clarke, Rockland
Larry Dansinger, Monroe
Lawrence Reichard
Louisa E. Hart, Brunswick
Loukie Lofchie, Brunswick
Luke Gizinski, Lewiston
maggie davis, Stonington
Marga Huntington, West Bath
Maria G. J. Holt, Bath
Marji Greenhut, Brunswick
Mary B. Heath, Brunswick
Mary Beth Sullivan, Bath
Mary Hildebrand
Matthew T. Power, Portland
Maureen Block, Bath
Maurice Cobb, Newfield
Michael Brennan, Portland
Michael Cutting, Portland
Michael Delorenzo, Harpswell
Midcoast Peace and Justice Group, Rockland
Nan March, Brunswick
Natalie Kempner, Woolwich
Natasha S. Mayers, Whitefield
Paul C. Trahan, Saco
Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, Bangor
Peninsula Peace & Justice of Blue Hill
Peter Robbins, Sedgwick
Peter Woodruff, Arrowsic
Punnie Edgerton, Brunswick
R. Bruce Stedman, Westport Island
R. L. Dale, Brunswick
Reg Hannaford, Brunswick
Richard H. Rudolph, Steep Falls
Rick Whelan, Military Families Speak Out, Hope
Robert B. Shetterly Jr., Brooksville
Robert Marshall, Brunswick
Robert Walter, Kennebunk
Robin E. Brooks, Topsham
Rosalie Paul, Georgetown
Rufus Wanning, Orland
Sean Donovan, Woolwich
Selma Sternlieb, Brunswick
Smiling Trees Disarmament Farm, Hope
Stan Lofchie, Brunswick
Stephen Hildebrand
Steve Benson, Surry
Susan G. Stedman, Westport Island
Susan Horowitz, Harpswell
Suzanne Hedrick, Nobleboro
Ted Markow, Brunswick
Thomas C. Sturtevant, Winthrop
Thomas Fusco, Brunswick
Thomas R. Harty, Topsham
Tinker Hannaford, Brunswick
Ursula Slavick, Portland
Vera King, Woolwich
William Ladd Chapter 001 Maine Veterans for Peace, Deer Isle
William Slavick, Portland

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