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Dear Newsletter editors,

Here are some calendar items for November and later.  FEEL FREE TO PICK AND

Larry Dansinger

October 29: Sanford Horwitt speaks on "Community Organizer-in-Chief: Barack
Obama and the Legacy of Saul Alinsky," 10 AM, Hutchinson Center, Belfast.
Call 338-8033.

October 31: Join Seacoast Peace Response and be in the Portsmouth Holiday
Parade. To join the SPR contingent: Doug, dbogen at cleanwater.org or Wes,
wesflierl1 at netzero.net.

November 2: "Rethink Afghanistan" film shown, 6:30 PM, Public Library, 175
Parrott Ave., Portsmouth, NH. Seacoast Peace Response, 603-749-9159 or
info at seacoastpeaceresponse.org.

November 3: Election Day--votes on Tabor II, Marriage Equality, school
consolidation, excise taxes, and medical marijuana.

November 4: "Eat Local Year 'Round" discussion on getting local food thruout
the winter, also plans for local buying clubs, 5:30-7 PM, Public Library,
145 Harlow St., Bangor. Jane Livingston, 947-4117 or
jane_livingston at myfairpoint.net.

November 6: "Whose House, OUR House" conference on getting involved in
legislation supporting low income people, 9 AM-4 PM, State Capitol, Augusta.
MAIN, 1-866-626-7059 x204 (Chris Rusnov).

November 6: Rally to end US involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, other war
spots w/speaker David Swanson, 5 PM, Monument Square, downtown Portland.
Herb Hoffman, 646-5431 or pala at maine.rr.com.

November 6-7 (+ classes three more evenings): "Growing Peace within Me and
the World" workshop on nonviolent communication w/Peggy Smith, John Street
United Methodist Church, 98 John St., Camden. Peggy Smith, 789-5299 or
peggy at mainenvcnetwork.org.

November 6-8: Farmer to Farmer conference for farmers to learn new ideas and
techniques, Point Lookout, Northport. MOFGA, 568-4142 or mofga at mofga.org or

November 7: Seacoast Sustainability Summit to address issues of food and
nutrition, energy and water, and and involvement of faith communities, 9
AM-5 PM, Public Library, 175 Parrott Ave., Portsmouth, NH. Phyllis
Killam-Abell, 603-580-1934 or pkillamabell at comcast.net.

November 7: "Common Security Clubs" workshop w/Chuck Collins of Institute of
Policy Studies (group responses to economic crises), time TBA, State Street
Church, 159 State St., Portland. Grace Braley, 774-1995 or
gracebraley at yahoo.com.

November 8: "Growing Peace within Me and the World" workshop on nonviolent
communication w/Peggy Smith, 9 AM-5 PM, 304 Hancock St., Bangor. Barbara
Kates, 947-6858 or brittzedek at gmail.com.

November 14: 23rd annual PICA Auction to benefit economic justice programs
in Maine and El Salvador, 3-6 PM, Brick Church, 126 Union St., Bangor. Call
PICA, 947-4203 or elleng at pica.ws.

November 18: "Evening for the Environment" celebration w/speaker Thomas
Lovejoy, 6-8 PM, Portland Museum of Art, Portland. Maine League of
Conservation Voters, 620-8811 or rani at mlcv.org or www.mlcv.org.

November 18: "Raised to Be Heroes" film shown (Israeli Refusniks opposing
occupation of Palestine), 6 PM, Free Library, Belfast. Cathy Mink, Peace and
Justice Group of Waldo County, 338-4920.

November 19-22: Annual demonstration against School of the Americas in
Columbus, Georgia. For travel options and carpooling from Maine (a few
people are planning to go), contact Doug Rawlings, rawlings at maine.edu.

November 22: "Cut and Run" film shown (new updated version on logging in the
Maine woods) w/discussion, 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center, 170 Park St.,
Bangor. Call 942-9343 or info at peacectr.org or www.peacectr.org.

December 4: Author Greg Mortenson talks about his writings on school
building in Asia, 7:30 PM, The Music Hall, 28 Chestnut St., Portsmouth, NH.
Call 603-436-2400 for tickets and details.

December 5: Maine Fair Trade Campaign annual meeting to recognize gains and
victories, plus celebration of tenth anniversary of World Trade Organization
protest in Seattle in 1999. Sarah or Daphne/MFTC, 777-6387 or
sarah at mainefairtrade.org.


Repeating contact information for groups promoting a generally "progressive"
position on referenda questions for November 3:
*No on Question 1: (marriage equality) try 899-1330 or
info at protectmaineequality.org or www.ProtectMaineEquality.org, or for a
phone/email contact, try EqualityMaine at 761-3732 or
info at equalitymaine.org.
*No on Question 4: (Opposing TABOR II--another attempt at a "Taxpayer's Bill
of Rights), try Citizens Unified for Maine's Future, 632-6031 or
info at votenoontabor.org or www.VoteNoOnTABOR.org. Also, Maine Center for
Economic Policy, 622-7381, mecep at mecep.org or www.mecep.org.
*No on Question 2: Same as Question #4
*Yes on Question 5: (expand number of people who can use medical marijuana)
Contact Maine Marijuana Policy Institute, 333-6985 or
*On question 3, those wanting to repeal consolidation (this might be
progressive if primary issue is local control) are barely organized, have a
name and web site, Maine Coalition to Save Schools, but don¹t have any
contact info on their web site. However, try Skip Grenlaw, 367-2738 or
skipg at hypernet.com (may be old email).

The end of November marks the tenth anniversary of the Seattle protests
against the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle that demonstrated the
deep and widespread opposition to free trade. The Maine Fair Trade Campaign
is sponsoring and wanting to set up more showings of films on fair trade
during the coming months. They can provide the film and discussion
facilitator after the showing. FMI: Sarah Bigney, 777-6387 or
sarah at mainefairtrade.org.

Whether you are a farmer, a worker, a small business person, a member of a
religious congregation, a student, or not even in one of those categories,
you can support the 2009 Solidarity Harvest by donating food, money, time,
or other effort toward good meals for laid off workers. These meals are
"solidarity, not charity" because they urge people who are struggling to
stick together and work with each other to overcome temporary hardships. For
more on how to contribute, contact Laura Binger, Food AND Medicine, 989-5860
or laurab at foodandmedicine.org.

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