[HCCN] Population Education Day, April 10 in Augusta

Larry Dansinger rosc at psouth.net
Thu Mar 4 13:40:09 EST 2010

Please pass along to others in your group and area.


You are invited to come to a population education day to learn about  
the problems of overpopulation, especially in the United States (and  
the influence of US policies on population throughout the world).

It will take place on Saturday, April 10, 9 AM-4 PM at the Meeting  
and Facilitation Resources Building, 11 King St. (off State Street  
south of the Capitol Building—look for Pat’s Pizza at the corner of  
King St. and State St.), Augusta. Bring a bag lunch or food to share  
for a potluck--either is OK.

There is no cost for this day. We hope you will attend.

What can each of us do to stabilize our population and reduce it so  
our population does not endanger our environment and create justice  
and peace problems connected to population? What is already happening  
in Maine, and what groups and resources are available? How do issues  
like family planning, immigration, and the role of youth influence  
our policies? Who can change them?

Why this educational event? There is increasing awareness and concern  
about human impact on our fragile environment. As 350.org events and  
climate change debates have demonstrated, we are beginning to look  
for ways to reduce our ecological footprint. But even if we reduce  
our footprint, if there are more of us making those prints, the  
impact is still dangerous and unsustainable.

Building awareness about population needs to start NOW. It is a  
controversial subject. It needs to be a topic that we can bring up  
with environmental, social, and political organizations, and in a non- 
threatening way, with others in our local communities. Come to learn  
more about the issue, what you can do to create a more sustainable  
population in our country, and how the US can support sustainable  
populations throughout the world.

For more information about this day and directions to the Meeting and  
Facilitation Resources Building, 11 King St., Augusta, contact Larry  
Dansinger, 161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951, (207) 525-7776 or  
rosc at psouth.net.
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