[HCCN] Peninsula Peace & Justice meeting notes March 3

Judith Robbins judy at robbinsandrobbins.com
Sat Mar 6 19:42:55 EST 2010

Peninsula Peace and Justice minutes for 03 03 2010

present: Peter, Judy, Carolyn, Betty, Steve

Steve will contact the library to clarify a meeting room the first  
Wednesday of each month in 2010.
Film series plans:  03 26 10  “Tapped,”  a new documentary about  
global water corporate packaging and sales, by the makers of “Who  
Killed the Electric Car?”  and  04 16 10  “Yes Men,” a new  
documentary about pranksters of misinformation and PR.
Peter is interested in anchoring a table at the Hope Festival in  
Orono on 04 24 10.  Ideas for presentation include: demonstration and  
documentation materials on creating our “Peace on Earth” banners; a  
loose-leaf binder with posters Peter designed for films PPJ has  
shown; and a laptop slide show of PPJ history.
Tom Whitney has appealed by email to PPJ for support of a proposed  
activist and informational group to be called “Maine Forum on Our  
America.”  We agreed to confer by email in response to this proposal.
Tom Whitney also announced to Peter that he’s working on arranging a  
speaking tour by Bob Brown on issues relating to Haiti.  Peter  
facilitating contact between Tom and Betsy Botts, whose steel drum  
group is interested in arranging a benefit that can include a guest  
Peter floated an idea for a forum that could discuss health care  
reform issues in the summer or fall, possibly to be co-sponsored with  
another local organization.  This forum might precede or follow a  
major bill addressing health care reform and comment in either case  
on possibilities and probabilities in response to the current  
situation.  We discussed potential local and nationally recognized  
speakers who might participate in a panel on this topic.
Next PPJ meeting will be Wednesday 04 07 10 in the library,  
downstairs in the Bass Room.

--Steve Benson
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