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September 1, 2010; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 
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is available upon request*
CONTACT:  /Candy Eaton, Program Director
Hancock County Children's Council, a program of Downeast Health Services 
52 Christian Ridge Road, Ellsworth, ME  04605/
/207-667-5304, ext. 261; //children at downeasthealth.org/ 
<mailto:children at downeasthealth.org>

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*"Incredible Years for Babies and Parents"*

The Hancock County Children's Council, a program of Downeast Health 
Services, is pleased to announce that a new 6-week series for babies and 
their parents / caregivers on Tuesdays will begin on _September 21^st , 
2010 at 9:30am-11:30am_.  If you are interested in participating in this 
FREE series, please call Candy Eaton at 667-5304 ext. 261.  We are 
looking for a minimum of 5 families to participate and the space will 
accommodate up to 10 babies and their parents.

The Incredible Years programs will show some of the ways that babies 
communicate and how parents can nurture, teach and respond to their 
babies in sensitive ways that bring about their optimal social, 
emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Each week, we will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss 
and learn from each other about a specific topic specific to "The 
Incredible Years for Babies 0-12 months".  Topics scheduled are:

·         September 21^st :  "Becoming a Parent -- Getting to Know Your 

·         September 28^th :  "Babies as Intelligent Language Learners"

·         October 5^th :  "Providing Physical, Tactile and Visual 
Stimulation for your Baby"

·         October 12^th :  Parents Learning to Read Babies Minds"

·         October 19^th :  Gaining Support"

·         October 26^th :  "The Emerging Sense of Self"

Babies are intelligent learners- right from the first month they are 
thinking, observing and even reasoning.  They are highly attuned and 
actively working to find out about the world.  Within a few days of 
birth they can discriminate human faces and voices from other sights and 
sounds.  Did you know babies actually prefer the human face and human 
stimulation to anything else?  Before they can even walk or talk they 
can actually tell the difference between a face that is happy, sad, or 
mad.   In fact, babies seem programmed to recognize people who love them 
more clearly than anything else and they seek out human stimulation 
about all else.

Downeast Health Services Inc. seeks to support the many families in 
Hancock County with young babies.  There are wide individual differences 
in the way babies handle stimuli, need for sleep and amount of crying.  
The goal for parents is not to compare but to watch for and listen to 
their own baby's unique style.  Please call 667-5304 ext. 261, email 
children at downeasthealth.org <mailto:children at downeasthealth.org> or 
visit our website at www.downeasthealth.org 
<http://www.downeasthealth.org> for additional information on parenting 
classes, support groups and family resources available in Hancock County.   

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