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Dear Friends,
We are excited to have Tom Whitney in Blue Hill this weekend to talk about Cuba.
Tom is a journalist, an activist, retired Maine pediatrician who has traveled and led delegations to Cuba over the past 18 years.
He is an avid student of the Cuban Revolution... what can be learned, what should be celebrated, how to distinguish the reality from the disinformation readily available in the US press.

Tom has also traveled several times to Cuba with the Pastors for Peace and will talk about this year's effort: the 20th anniversary of the US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravans.

Everything is free and everyone welcome. We'll be happy to accept any donations to support Pastors for Peace.

Please join us Friday evening, June 1st, at Blue Hill Library, Howard Room

5:30 -6:15 Cuban Buffet
Cubano sandwiches
Cuban rice and beans
Fruit platters
Spinach salad
Dessert and coffee
6:30 Tom Whitney speaks on "WHY CUBA IS IMPORTANT"
Followed by showing of new Cuban film
Jose Marti, Eye of the Canary  
This new feature-length film by Cuba’s most recognized filmmaker, Fernando Pérez, won the most collateral awards at the 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. The film focuses on the childhood and adolescence of Cuba’s nineteenth-century hero José Martí, covering the years he lived in Cuba before being sent into exile for political sedition at the age of seventeen. The film has already obtained two awards at the Ibero-American Festival in Huelva, Spain. It has received top awards on the island and was named the best movie of 2010.
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