Vigil Against Militarization of Space Blue Hill Oct 12

please share with lists and friends.


Protest U.S. Space Force and nuclear weapons in space

Friday October 12, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m., on the bridge in Blue Hill
Bring signs. Add your voice: Keep Space for Peace!

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Peninsula Peace & Justice October events


For those of you looking forward to Carolyn Coe’s presentation on Palestine, we have not set a date for it yet. An announcement will be sent out when scheduled.

On October 12 (Friday) there will be a Vigil Against Militarization of Space, on the bridge in Blue Hill 4:30 – 5:30.
A post on that is forthcoming.

Thank you!

Judy R.

Peninsula Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 1257
Blue Hill ME 04614

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Spring Trip to Cuba with Witness for Peace

Diane Stradling lives in the Portsmouth NH area and has taken many WFP delegations to Cuba, and several Mainers have participated. 
She is a great trip leader. — JR

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Fwd: [Peacectr_list] Popular Education Fuels Popular Resistance Workshop, October 13, Bangor

From: Karen Marysdaughter <>

Popular Education Fuels Popular Resistance

A Dynamic, Interactive Workshop with Two Salvadoran Activists

DATE: Saturday, October 13
LOCATION: Unitarian Universalist Church, 120 Park St., Bangor 
TIME: Registration, coffee and snacks at 9:00AM, Workshop 9:30 – 1:00
PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (limited to 25 people): Register at:
                                              Deadline October 1, 2018
COST: Recommended donation $20 or what you can afford.
                      FMI: Contact Jon Falk- or 207-478-1537

·        Learn how popular education fuels the movement in El Salvador
·        Create our own analysis of the forces at work in migration issues

·        Generate ideas for using popular education in our own work in the U.S.

Anti-oppressive, popular education is the “secret sauce” underpinning the strength of the Salvadoran popular movement, which since the end of the El Salvador’s 12 year civil war has won hard-fought advances in education, health care, women’s rights, and the protection of the environment. It was at the heart of the civil rights movement and other great struggles in our own country. We need some of that sauce in our work now!

About the workshop Leaders:

Bernardo Belloso, president of the Association for Rural Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES) since 2015, leads CRIPDES’ organizing in more than 300 rural communities in 5 states of El Salvador. His work has focused on developing youth leadership, the anti-mining struggle, and the fight against water privatization. 



Zulma Tobar has been El Salvador Co-Coordinator for U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities since 2016. She works through USESSC and CRIPDES on issues of education, environmental justice, advocacy and community organizing with rural communities of El Salvador.

Sponsored by:

U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities –

--   Jonathan Falk  189 Hinckley Hill Rd.  Carmel, ME  04419  207-478-1537 (cell)

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A letter to Senator Collins – thank you – pass it on

Thank you, Dick, for forwarding this really important letter. I was concerned about her comment about seeing Senator Collins’ staff NOT noting the callers comments.
I went into Senator Collins’ website earlier this week to write to her – one of the  points I made was to ask “WHY IS KAVANAUGH SO  VEHEMENTLY DENYING THE ACCUSATION.”  I  noted how many men always deny – think of President Clinton, President Trump, the entertainers, the politicians, religious leaders, corporate leaders. I also wrote about my opposition to Kavanaugh’s stands on the environment, civil rights, pro corporation etc. and asked that she vote against Kavanaugh.
Why the rush to confirm Kavanaugh?

Please come hear Jared Golden tonight at Moore Center 7:00 PM. Vote for Jared Golden for Congress in November – we need to have a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. Get involved in the local campaigns for Maine House and Senate.
Pam Person, Orland

In a message dated 9/19/2018 2:30:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

The following letter was written to Senator Collins by a friend of mine
who, with other indefatigable women from Indivisible MDI, has been going to
Collins’s Bangor office EVERY DAY for I don’t know how long (at least a
year?). She posted this letter to Facebook, so I assume it is an open
letter and can be forwarded.

Despite Collins’s career-long claim that she would not vote for a Supreme
Court justice that opposed Roe-v-Wade, her past record indicates she will
vote for Kavanaugh unless there’s enough opposition to make her vote not
matter. And it should be noted that in matters of corporations-vs-people,
Kavanaugh has massively predominantly come down on the corporate side.

Dear Senator Collins,

I am very sorry to hear that you have received disrespectful and vulgar
messages regarding your vote on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. That
should not be happening However, I am offended that this is being used to
portray you as a victim and that these are being falsely presented as how
most of your constituents are treating you. I am appalled by your statement
that you are being “bribed” and “extorted”. Let‘s be clear: the “Be A Hero”
grassroots campaign that has raised over $1.3 million dollars is not a
bribe. It is the collective voice of thousands of Mainers (primarily small
donors of $20.20) who are upset that you are not listening to your
constituents. We are angry because you are not fulfilling your oath to
uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and you are not
doing your job of oversight of the executive branch. Do not try to use a
few calls where people are saying horrible things as an excuse to ignore or
condemn the pleas of a large number of your constituents.

I have been coming to your office for the past 20 months and I do not
believe I have ever been disrespectful to anyone in your office. Yes, I
have opposed your choices many times but have always done it in a polite
and respectful way. I have also praised you publicly when I feel you have
voted in the best interest of Mainers and all US citizens, whom you
represent. As a matter of fact, I often bring treats that I bake myself for
your staff, and for you when we met in person. Senator Collins, these are
not bribes either. They are my way of showing respect for you and your
staff, and sometimes reinforcing my message to you too.

I want you to know that when I questioned your staff a few weeks ago for
telling callers “I am writing your message down right now/I will be sure
the Senator gets your message” and then hanging up and not even picking up
a pencil or noting it in the computer — not just once but multiple times in
a row — I prefaced it with “I‘m really sorry to have to say this but this
is what I noticed during the past 20 minutes I’ve been here is…” It
really bothered me that your senior staffer came out and said nothing. So l
wrote a tweet to let everybody know that if they are taking the time and
energy to call your offices they need to ask for their message, name and
contact info to be read back to them to be sure that their messages are
being recorded. At the time I sent that tweet I don’t think I had more than
ten followers on Twitter. Senator Collins, you really should pay attention
to what happened with that tweet because it was your constituents’ anger
and frustration that made it go viral.

Let me finish by saying that over these past 20 months I have only ever
asked for basic human rights for the people of Maine and across the
country. Is it really too much to ask to be able to have protections in
place so we can sleep at night and not be worried about our children and
their future, whether it is healthcare, education, the environment, etc.?

I have shed many tears in your office sharing deeply personal information.
Stories regarding a prior abortion due to a high risk pregnancy, and
stories about my fear for my children and myself because of pre-existing
conditions that require yearly testing and exams. Of course I was concerned
about your Tax Bill vote — and now about this vote for Kavanaugh. Donald
Trump said he would only nominate someone to the Supreme Court who would
overturn Roe V. Wade and help dismantle the ACA. Please don’t cast a vote
that could literally be life or death for many Americans.

Be a hero and listen to your constituents and vote NO on Kavanaugh.

HCCN mailing list

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Fwd: No Emmy for Burns/Novick film Vietnam War

A welcome victory for the truthtellers at Veterans for Peace, and others in “the margins of the mainline mass culture”.

Excerpt from the Veterans for Peace ad campaign: “In this war-torn world, what is desperately needed and what Burns and Novick fail to convey is an honest rendering of that war to help the American people avoid yet more catastrophic wars. The Emmy Award is a powerful recognition of truth in art. Crowned with an Emmy, this defective history of the Vietnam era will become required viewing for generations of young Americans—a seductive, but false, interpretation of events.”

— JR

From: Dud Hendrick <>

Not One Emmy for Ken Burns and “The Vietnam War”


You may have already received the attached.  Apologies for redundancy, but I thought it significant enough to want to ensure friends of VFP knew of this victory— significant testimony to the value of our service—not to the military, but to peace.

Our friend Doug Rawlings was a major player in the VFP effort.

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Peninsula Peace & Justice notes


Minutes for Organizational Meeting
Wednesday, September 5, 2018, at 11:00 a.m.
Blue Hill Public Library
Ron, Judy, Peter, Bonnie, Steve


Judy will invite Carolyn Coe to present slides and accounts of her time in Palestine recently to witness challenges to Palestinian villagers pressured toward relocation due to growing settlement activities in the occupied territories. Suggested date is Friday, October 5, at 7:00 pm.


Ron will be on a tour of Eastern Europe, including Uzbekistan.


We hope to participate in a week of Keep Space for Peace in early October. Judy will propose a date for us to consider presenting a vigil or other event, after checking in with organizers.


We may schedule a presentation on militarization of police in the USA, with film and a speaker, for late in October.


Our next organizational meeting is scheduled for the Bass Room, in the Blue Hill Library, at 12:00 noon on the first Wednesday of next month, October 3, 2018. 


— Notes by Steve Benson 

Peninsula Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 1257
Blue Hill ME 04614



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End Violence Together 2018 – Bangor SaturdaSeptember 15

please share:
 facebook event link: 

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"Farm Labor, Immigration and Social Justice" Sept 20, Belfast, WERU presentation

Baldemar Velasquez – September 20

Baldemar Velasquez is a renowned civil rights and farmworker rights activist, and the founder and president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee of the AFL-CIO. As part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, WERU is presenting Velasquez in a speaking engagement on September 20 at 7-9 p.m. at the Crosby Center (96 Church Street) in Belfast.  His theme will be “Farm Labor, Immigration and Social Justice.”  Our partner for this event is Americans Who Tell the Truth.

At 6:15 there will be a meet & greet gathering preceding Valesquez’s talk. After his talk an expert panelists from Maine will join Velasquez: Jorge Acero (Maine Department of Labor), Edith Flores (Mano en Mano), and Cynthia Phinney (Maine AFL-CIO). There will also be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions.  Music to open and close the evening will be performed by Shawn and Maizey Mercer.

Translation headphones will be available in Spanish and Haitian on a limited basis.

Many thanks to our generous co-sponsors: Maine AFL-CIO, Belfast Co-op, The Green Store, and The Crosby Center.

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Microplastics in the Gulf of Maine Sept 10 Ellsworth

Microplastics in the Gulf of Maine

Madelyn Woods, a marine biologist at the Shaw Institute in Blue Hill, will give an illustrated talk, “Microplastics In The Gulf of Maine”, at 7 pm, September 10, at the Moore Community Center in Ellsworth.  Woods is the Marine Research Coordinator for Shaw Institute (formerly Marine & Environmental Research Institute) and oversees the development and implementation of many coastal monitoring and experimental marine studies.  A major focus of the Shaw Institute’s research is the study of microplastics in the ocean that choke marine life, pollute the water, and ultimately threaten the future of our oceans.  Wood’s talk will be followed by a question and answer period and then a general discussion about things we can do to reduce plastic pollution.  Towns and cities around the world are limiting the use of single-use carry out plastic bags – shall Ellsworth join this effort to save our oceans?

This event is hosted by the Ellsworth Green Action Team of the Ellsworth Green Plan.  It is free and open to the public.  For more information, call 667-5863.

Martha Dickinson
40 Washington Street
Ellsworth, ME 04605

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