A cautionary tale

Mon, Apr 24, 2017


A cautionary tale

I’ve always felt sympathy for friends whose computers and/or email programs have been compromised by a “virus” and at the same time have felt sufficiently protected because I rely on Apple software. I know about viruses, and I am extremely suspicious while browsing. However, last evening, as I struggled fruitlessly to find a site for streaming the Celtics game, I innocently installed the Adobe Flash updater (while grumbling that it seems to require almost daily updates…..) and my computer became pimpled, poxed, cursed, undone by malware.

Hours  of research today revealed that there is now malware attached to a Flash updater that is not apparent, at least to those in haste.  Info here. Cautious as I am, the Celtics/Bulls game caused me to be less cautious!

A day of ferreting out and removing suspected files, as guided by respected Apple users, left me with an ever worsening situation. My MacBook was becoming unusable. I was reluctant to download ANYTHING, let alone a program that would “fix” the problem, but I finally decided to try Malwarebytes Anti-Malware which is free, and easy to apply. It is highly rated and quick to install. Nonetheless, I had to make several attempts to get it to actually download (the result of the poxing by the malware). 

It’s only been about 5 hours, but I feel that I can report success (so far at least). The caution here is: be very very sure you are updating Flash and not a look-alike.

With a sigh of relief,

Judy R.

p.s. the real one is NOT  😉
p.p.s. I’m still a bit afraid to open my Mail program, which I haven’t seen all day for fear of spreading the virus, but here goes…..

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