and while you’re at it, The Wall…

Regarding Venezuelan regime change, you probably would have more of an effect by actually calling your Senators. Not that anything will have an impact on Senator Collins…
She was apparently on the floor of the Senate today saying how important it is to protect our borders. Oh, but she IS listening to both sides…
I gather the Republicans have been broadcasting to their partisans to call and call and call their Senators. Senator King has been pretty steady in his opposition to the wall, but…. his office says the calls are 3-to-1 in favor of The Wall.
Clearly we gotta keep them Latins out of our back yard while we mess with theirs.
So get on the horn and get a double bang two-fer for your buck! Call:
Collins’s Offices
622-8414 Augusta 945-0417 Bangor 283-1101 Biddeford 493-7873 Caribou 784-6969 Lewiston 780-3575 Portland
DC 202-224-2523
King’s Offices
622-8292 Augusta 945-8000 Bangor 764-5124 Presque Isle 883-1588 Scarborough
DC 202-224-5344
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