Celebrate Chelsea Manning Weds 5/17 Blue Hill

Mon, May 15, 2017


Celebrate Chelsea Manning’s release from prison: 
Blue Hill Town Park, 12-1, Wednesday May 17.
We’ll have cake and lemonade; bring your lunch and bring a friend. 

[artwork by Rob Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth, used with permission]

On Wednesday, some time after dawn, the security gates at the US disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, will be thrown open and a slight 5ft 2in woman will walk out into the open air and freedom.

For Chelsea Manning, release from military incarceration will mark a colossal turning point. Having been arrested seven years ago when she was an unknown, lowly and outwardly male soldier, she will emerge into an entirely new life as a civilian, a celebrity, and an openly transgender woman.

The day will be momentous in ways that go far beyond its huge personal ramifications for its subject. Manning’s discharge, a parting gift of President Obama as one of his final acts in office, will bring to an end one of the more shameful chapters in US military history…”

Peninsula Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 1515
Blue Hill ME 04614

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