Convert Bath Iron Works to Non-military production

     Hi, Everyone, This spring another multi-billion$ destroyer will be “christened” at BIW, adding further to the US defense department’s enormous carbon footprint. The years-long effort to persuade Maine legislators that alternative use of BIW could help mitigate the climate crisis is ongoing.  Solar, wind and transportation projects are a real possibility for the future, with good green jobs.

     The flyer in production (attached) is part of the wake-up call that needs to go out to the Maine delegation, and to the public. Please consider supporting this effort with any donation you can make. Thank you. — Judy R., for Peninsula Peace & Justice (a sponsoring organization)

From:  Blue Hill Activists for Conversion 
To:  Concerned Citizens and Organizations
Subj:  Conversion at BIW
In conjunction with the long-time campaign calling for “Conversion at BIW” conducted by concerned citizens from throughout the state, we from the “greater” Blue Hill area have been working on the attached flyer.  Contributions to defray our expenses (mostly printing) would be welcome.  We are planning to print 1,000 for the first run and have estimates that it will cost around $500.  With help we intend to distribute the flyer before, during, and following the next warship christening in the spring.  If you or your organization can contribute to the printing costs it would be an act of solidarity as we continue to develop a long-term campaign for redirecting military funding away from war machines and investing in climate change solutions.  
Make check payable to “Global Network” with “Conversion at BIW” in Memo space and send to:
Global Network
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
Note:  Your soonest attention to this will be helpful as we will want to commit to a printing ASAP.  Please also know that the attached is not for general circulation at this point.  We’re close, but may have further edits before we go to print.
Let us know if you can help in the distribution effort by contacting: Dud Hendrick
Thanks to all, we are:
Peter Baldwin
Meredith Bruskin
Nancy Button
Carolyn Coe
Ridgely Fuller
Nancy Galland
Dud Hendrick
Connie Jenkins
Jason Rawn
Judy Robbins
Peter Robbins
Bob Shaw
Rob Shetterly
Jessica Stewart
Russell Wray
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