Fwd: Action Alert: Request Relief for Low-Income People amid Covid-19!

[From Sass Linneken at ROSC]

Hey friends,

Along with the health concerns people have amid the Covid-19 outbreak, there are other concerns to be considered as worldwide panic continues to ensue, including the economic impacts on poor and working-class people who are facing missed wages and the domino effect that can cause, and as those who are already housing insecure struggle to remain protected.

Please consider contacting your local/state/fed officials to request they do what they can to halt evictions for the time being, require paid sick leave, and offer immediate housing assistance to homeless folks.

Please see a very basic template below you could mess with and use to email and/or call your own political officials.


State Government:

Switchboard for Maine State Senators:  (800) 423-6900

Switchboard for Maine State Representatives: (800) 423-2900

Federal Government:

To contact Senator Angus King: https://contactsenators.com/maine/angus-king  

To contact Senator Susan Collins:  https://contactsenators.com/maine/susan-collins  

To contact Representative Golden: https://golden.house.gov/contact

To contact Representative Pingree: https://pingree.house.gov/contact/

Switchboard for US Capitol: 202-224-3121


Hello Representative/Senator __________,

Can you please do whatever is in your power to put a temporary halt on evictions while the world panics about Covid-19 and many low wage workers are unable to earn? Also, please push as hard as you can for paid sick leave and immediate housing assistance for homeless folks who are already vulnerable and struggling.

Thanks for your consideration,


For a healthy, equitable world,

Sass Linneken

Executive Director

Pronouns: they/them

Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC)

PO Box 2444
Augusta, ME 04338-2444


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