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Judy posted the following notice from filmmaker Richard Kane, but the HCCN list mechanism blocked it as being too large. To enable the list to see it, I’ve shrunk the images by 50%. They’re still visible, though not perhaps quite as in-your-face grand as in the original. I know Richard Kane, and he did a wonderful job with his film on Islesford’s Ashley Bryan, “I Know A Man” (ashleybryanfilms.org/). Now he’s set his sights on Robert Shetterly. Should be another great film.
The credits for five photos refer to pictures 2-6 below. The first one headlined the original message.
————————————————————————— MAINE MASTERS LAUNCHES NEW FILM
Robert Shetterly: An American Who Tells the Truth is a documentary film-in-progress by Richard Kane about this political artist and activist who has created a portrait series called Americans Who Tell the Truth: Models of Courageous Citizenship. Scratched into each of his 238+ paintings is a quote epitomizing the subjects’ beliefs. All focus on how to build a truly democratic society and what we need to do now to survive in harmony with Nature.
The film is about a man driven to re-invent our country so that its founding ideals — equality, justice, liberty, and the common good — are the principles we live by. His ground-breaking project introduces us to those who act with moral courage for the sake of humanity, our communities, our Earth.
Political and civil rights activist Bill Ayers, one of the portrait subjects, called Shetterly “the cartographer of a nation that does not yet exist” based on honesty and the courage to tell the truth. See the film’s trailer: https://vimeo.com/220552230
Shetterly and filmmaker Richard Kane, director of the Union of Maine Visual Artists’ Maine Masters Project recently returned from Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship where all 238 portraits were exhibited for the first time (see attached images). Kane received funding to travel with Shetterly and document several of the events, short clips of which can be seen on this website: www.kanelewis.com
The film will bring new and wider attention to the importance of speaking truth to power, to have the courage to build a society where all people are respected, where hatred is rejected, where embracing diversity is the source of our strength. If funding can be obtained, the film is slated to be released March 2020 and distributed widely throughout the US.
The campaign seeks $50,000. for production funding. See more details about the film at www.kanelewis.com
See more about Robert Shetterly’s project at www.americanswhotellthetruth.org
See images attached
For more information Contact:
Richard Kane kanelewisproductions@gmail.com 207-359-2320
Richard Kane, Director ROBERT SHETTERLY: An American Who Tells the Truth Trailer: https://vimeo.com/220552230 www.kanelewis.com Union of Maine Visual Artists and Kane-Lewis Productions 189 Rope Ferry Road, Sedgwick, ME 04676 207-359-2320 office 207-632-4534 cell kanelewisproductions@gmail.com
Photo Credits Required: 1. Opening, by Steve Sartori for Syracuse University, 2018 2. AWTT Sign, by Steve Sartori for Syracuse University, 2018 3. Group at Opening, by Steve Sartori for Syracuse University, 2018 4. Robert Shetterly, by Steve Sartori for Syracuse University, 2018 5. Terry Tempest Williams, by Richard Kane, 2018
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